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The Myths of 3PL’s

3PL - Myth vs Fact

3pl’s or third party logistics are very important for your business, and if you find yourself needing help with inventory management or logistics, then a 3pl can be exactly what you need. However, there are a few myths about third party logistics that everyone might see as a fact.

We want to dispel these myths and show you exactly why you should put your faith in third-party logistics, and once these myths are debunked you should feel an increased level of confidence working with 3pl’s!

Myth 1: 3pl Companies Cost More Than They Are Worth

Myth 1: 3pl Companies Cost More Than They Are WorthThis is a myth that might seem very real to a small business owner who is finding themselves faced with another expense. However, you actually save money whenever you outsource your inventory and shipping. Especially if your company is too small to take full advantage of all the orders you are dealing with.

Most third party logistic companies want to give you the best rate possible and make sure to treat themselves as part of your business. So you will be saving money if you find yourself working with the right company.

Myth 2: You Give Up Control

Outsourcing something as important as manufacturing and shipping of products can seem like a huge loss of control for your company. However, whenever you work with a 3pl company, you tend to get more control through tracking.

We know exactly how to give you tracking information so you can see all the shipments that you give us. So rather than losing control, you can instead have all your control and see everything that our company does for you.

Myth 3: It’s Only Works For Big Companies

Most people think that 3pl services are only good for very large companies, but even the smaller companies need a good system in place to fulfill orders and get things to their clients. Shipping orders can still cause problems for everyone, regardless of business size, and a 3pl is an affordable way to get your items out into the world.

Myth 4: 3PL Can Ruin Customer ServiceMyth 4: 3PL Can Ruin Customer Service

If you get a bad one, then a third party logistics company can certainly cause friction between your business and your clients. However, if you get a good and properly vetted 3pl, then it can certainly help make the experience of your customers get even stronger. And of course, happy customers are going to be returning customers for you. If you are unsure about what company to pick, then you can take a look at the online reviews to see if the company is good for your business.

Handling the Myths

So whenever you see these myths, you’ll be able to know that they are all the furthest things from the truth. Our American Manufacturing Solutions will dispel all the myths from you, and we will be able to support your business as it starts to grow. If you need packaging, support, or warehouse space, give us a call and we will be able to help! Contact us today!

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