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A Guide to 3pl Shipping for Cold Products

A Guide to 3pl Shipping for Cold Products

Although the market for cold products can be oversaturated depending on the product’s nature, there is still money to be made. If you’re a growing business turning profits on cold products like food or drinks, you’ll need a way to ship in a cold environment. 3pl gives companies just that.


What is 3pl Refrigerated Shipping?

What is 3pl Refrigerated Shipping?3pl, or third-party logistics, is when a business hires another company to take care of its manufacturing, transportation, or storage issues.

If you’re a growing company, 3pl is the best solution for storing, shipping, and even manufacturing your products since you likely won’t have the capital to build warehouses yourself.

While some 3pl services may not have solutions for shipping chilled products, many offer refrigerated shipping that can keep perishable goods fresh over long journeys and in hotter climates.

What makes 3pl such an excellent solution for shipping chilled products is that it outsources the complicated process of maintaining and fuelling a large, refrigerated truck to a company with more resources to handle the process.

Whatever your chilled product, 3pl is the right solution for a growing business. Instead of working your way up to renting a warehouse and fleet, get the fleet and warehouse’s benefits without complicating your business with rental fees.

How to Choose a Refrigerated 3pl Shipping ProviderHow to Choose a Refrigerated 3pl Shipping Provider

Alright, so it’s clear that 3pl shipping is the way to go for companies that don’t yet have the financial headway to provide their own fleet, especially when you’ve got high-maintenance goods like chilled products.

Check Out a Company’s Leadership
The people at a company’s helm can tell you a lot about that company’s trajectory. The quality of services, efficiency, and overall cost will all be determined by how well the company is handled, and that will be determined by expertise at the top.

Look at a Company’s Practices

Looking at how a 3pl company runs its business is a great way to determine whether or not that company is right for you. Check out the advantages a company offers and any deals they might be giving out.

Check Out Reviews
Looking at a company’s reviews may just be a life-saver for you and your products. With chilled products, you really can’t afford a single mess-up. If someone else has had a bad experience with a company in the past, you’ll find out about it by reading reviews.

Consider Longevity
The thing about moving chilled products is that you need a consistent, dependable way to get them from your storage to the customer. Every day you have to store a chilled product, after all, costs money. Check out a company’s plans for the future to make sure you’ll be able to work with them in the long-term.

Consider American Manufacturing Solutions for Your 3pl Refrigerated Shipping

At American Manufacturing Solutions, we combine all the features we mentioned above and more. With helpful, experienced staff, efficient strategies, and plans for the future, we provide the best 3pl shipping solutions for any product. Contact Us Today!

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