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Benefits in Using a 3PL to Increase Your Business Logistics

Benefits in Using a 3PL to Increase Your Business Logistics

Third-party logistics (or 3PL, as we often refer to when speaking of this service) would be the use of a third party to handle distribution, warehouse facilities, and/or the completion of the ordering process.

Many large firms and organizations use this 3pl system to handle their logistics so that they are able to completely focus on the customer and their needs. The 3pl system can be used locally or even with global outreaches.

One of the benefits of a 3pl system is that it can save you time, money and resources, allowing you to continue to increase your business activities. Utilizing this type of service may seem difficult, considering you are handing this aspect of your business over to another company, but allowing this system to handle your warehousing and shipping, will be a valuable asset to your growing business!

Understanding How a 3PL Company Works for You

Understanding How a 3PL Company Works for YouThe 3pl company specializes in the logistics of warehousing and shipping. This will increase your production possibilities and will make sure that your customers are guaranteed efficient delivery of their order. A 3pl company has safety measures in place to ensure that your products are stored properly, handled efficiently, and transported with the utmost of care from your factory to the distribution centers.

Some of the 3pl companies will also provide packaging of your product, so that your assembly can focus on the production, and not have the concern of packing. A 3pl can be so integrated with your logistics system, that all your production and delivery will remain prompt and efficient. This will increase your supply and demand.

3PL Providers and the Types of Services Available3PL Providers and the Types of Services Available

A full service 3pl company does exactly what the name implies. These companies handle every aspect of your delivery process – whether that is inventory management, shipping, yard management, and/or product packaging. This allows you to focus on your production and more contacts.

Transportation is another extremely valuable service for your production line. This could include the transport to your warehouse or your customer, or both, depending upon the needs of your business.

Warehouse services are another consideration with a 3pl. Having your own property for warehousing your products can be costly, taking away from your production possibilities. By using a 3pl company, this aspect of process and delivery is handled within the system, allowing you to focus on your customers and their needs.

Information services are also a beneficial part of the 3pl company. As with many other parts of our business growth, the digital footprint is having a major impact on how we do business and how we keep track of our supplies and orders.

We Have Just the Right Solution for Your Business Needs

American Manufacturing Solutions is the 3PL that you have been looking for. We will handle your warehousing logistics and shipping from start to finish. We have nationwide contacts with experts that will give you the benefits you are needing to make sure your business continues to grow.

Whether you are looking into transportation, warehousing, packaging, and/or shipping needs for your business, allow us to give you the options you have been searching for. We have many cost-efficient programs for your consideration, and with our established network of providers, we can assist you with a cost-effective program that will suit the needs of your growing company. Contact us today!

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