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Conestoga Flatbed Trailer battles the Dry Van Trailer

Conestoga Flatbed Trailer battles the Dry Van Trailer

What comes to mind when you think of a semi-truck and trailer, you probably instantly think of a dry van trailer. Understandably so, the dry van trailer is the most popular trailer on the road today. There is another trailer out there that comes with all the protection you will need but soars high when it comes to convenience and efficiency. That’s the Conestoga flatbed trailer.

The standard dry van trailer gets its name from the job it performs. Its permanent walls and ceiling keep your cargo goods dry and protected from the elements and weather. Those very same attributes that protect your goods, can prove to be a limitation in some cases.

No match for the Conestoga Flatbed Trailer

Loaded Conestoga Trailer beats out dry van trailers any dayIt truly does all that a dry van can do, it simply adds more versatility! Picking the right trailer for your freight can be a challenge, but choosing the right trailer for the job can make all the difference. Each trailer truly has its benefits and shines in one area or another.


Lets first look at the two side by side

Both the dry van trailer and the Conestoga flatbed trailer protect your freight from weather and the elements, keeping them dry and protected.

Dry van trailerThe dry van trailer may be the most popular trailer on the road, but it will not always be the most convenient or the right trailer for your freight. And on the contrary, a Conestoga flatbed trailer may be highly sought after and unique, but it may be overkill for your load. Choosing wisely will save you in the long run.

What are you planning to ship? Is it irregular? Oversized, maybe? Will it need to be loaded, and unloaded from the side, instead of from the rear? Will it call for multiple fork-lifts to be loaded and unloaded? Perhaps, it’s fragile and you would prefer not to have it moved more than necessary.

If this sounds like the cargo you are planning to ship, you may find the Conestoga flatbed trailer is just what you are looking for in a trailer. The unique design of the tarp system allows the same flexibility of a flatbed trailer during loading and unloading. Formally, anything that couldn’t be loaded into a traditional dry van trailer would go on a flatbed, and either be exposed to the elements or would be secured with straps and tarps. If this is done well, there shouldn’t be much of an issue, but it does, however, leave your fragile or fine shipments all the more susceptible to damage. The Conestoga flatbed trailer alleviates the loader, driver and the shipper of this stress.

American Manufacturing Solutions is excited to be able to offer you both of these high demand trailers. Whether you are shipping boxed items that easily pack into a dry van, or shipping a more high profile shipment that demands a Conestoga flatbed trailer, we have you covered. We are equipped with an experienced team that will work hard to make sure all your shipping needs are met.

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