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Conestoga Truck Protects Your Shipment

Conestoga Truck Protects Your Shipment

When you are shipping larger pieces of equipment or larger shipments there can be a number of considerations that come into play, such as is a traditional freight method going to be able to handle my shipment, and if it can, is it going to be adequately protected against the elements? The Conestoga truck is a great solution.

 What Is A Conestoga Truck?

 What Is A Conestoga Truck?The quickest answer to this is that a Conestoga truck is that it is a hybrid of a dry van and a flatbed.

The distinguishing features of a flatbed are that it can be loaded via the sides or on the top, and it can be adapted to carry heavy or oversized machinery, but it does so with little protection from the weather.

A dry van is one that is designed to do just that - to protect whatever you are transporting from any of the weather conditions that you may encounter. The merchandise is locked in a closed-in space. This does mean however that you can only load from the back, and you are limited to the amount of space that you have.

A Conestoga truck is a flatbed that has a rolling tarp-on-frame system that protects your shipment as if it were in a covered truck.

So Why Choose A Conestoga Truck?

So Why Choose A Conestoga Truck?The two questions that you are going to need to ask in order to discover whether this is the best option for you are the questions that are going to rule out the dry van and the flatbed.

Namely, does it need to be loaded from the side or the top of the truck, and is it oversized? If that is the case then you have ruled out the dry van as an option.

Then you need to look at whether the shipment needs to be protected against the weather? If this is true, then already having ruled out the dry van, and now having excluded the flatbed due to its lack of protection, you are best off considering the Conestoga truck.

What Are The Things To Consider With A Conestoga Truck?

So, having ruled out the other two let's just clarify why the Conestoga truck is the one for you, and not the dry van or the flatbed.

Firstly, you can load it quickly, because you can load it from the side or from the top.

Secondly, it allows you to transport oversized loads.

Thirdly, it protects your shipment from the elements.

Now, given that nothing is perfect, and there have to be some downsides to the whole Conestoga truck solution and given that we want to be upfront with you. Let's have a quick look. Ok, so normally, as it is specialized equipment it is going to take 3-4 days to get a Conestoga truck to ship your load, but we’re hardly likely to tell you about something we don’t have available, so you can scratch that. Its availability can drive up the costs in some places.

When you are looking at shipping large items, or any items that may need some kind of special care, and you want to make sure that they get from B to B in the best condition and on time, you want a company that has innovative solutions. American Manufacturing Solutions have a lot of experience in all aspects of supply chain logistics, and they listen to the needs of their customers, and they provide them with the solutions they need: Contact us today for your logistics solutions needs, solutions like the Conestoga.

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