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Conestoga VS Tautliner - Curtain side flatbeds protection

Conestoga VS Tautliner - Curtain side flatbeds protection

In the trucking and logistics industry, it can be hard to decide what trailer will suit your shipping needs best. Especially when some of the terms for trailers can get a bit blurry. However, keeping your goods protected during transit is a no brainer.


Of course, you want to keep your cargo protected from the elements and weather. We will focus on understanding curtain side trailers, comparing the 2 basic types. When exploring curtain side trailers for your shipment, you will be choosing from the Conestoga flatbed or the Tautliner that more resembles a dry van trailer. Both prove useful, and both will keep your cargo dry and protected from harsh elements and weather. But what's the difference? Both trailers classify as flatbeds, and both utilize the use of sliding tarp-systems. Let’s look at the difference.

The Conestoga

Conestoga trailer, great freight truck for the long haulThe Conestoga flatbed is one of the most sought after trailers on the road today, due to the versatility and flexibility this flatbed brags. A Conestoga uses a tarp system, much like an accordion to keep your goods protected. The sliding tarp-system allows complete access to all sides of the flatbed, offering loading and unloading just as easy as a flatbed. One thing to consider when utilizing a Conestoga flatbed is the size of your load. Much like a dry van, you will be limited to the maximum size of the tarp-system sides. But, many prefer the effortless loading and unloading the Conestoga offers.

The curtain side Tautliner

The curtain side tautliner is very versatile to help with loading and unloadingThe curtain side Tautliner though classified as a flatbed, might more closely resemble a dry van. The tautliner is a flatbed with a ceiling, front wall, and rear-doors, but has open side walls that allow side access for forklifts and such. The curtains then slide along these open sides to provide an enclosed trailer. This differs from the Conestoga in that its frame does not move, limiting access for top-loading, and making loading and unloading a little more complicated, but still very versatile.

It's easy to see why curtain side flatbeds serve their purpose on today’s roads and are a great addition to any fleet for those loads that require more unique handling. They are a life-saver at a busy dock or even a destination that does not have a dock, allowing for loading and unloading just about anywhere. Sometimes a load is just more efficiently loaded and unloaded from the side. The Conestoga or the Tautliner both give easy side access, and would definitely benefit a shipment that might have multiple stops to make, offering more security for your part of the shipment.

Finding the best trailer to meet your freights demands can be tricky, but here at American Manufacturing Solutions, we do our best to offer just that...Solutions. Solutions to your logistic needs in all its forms. We work hard to provide dependable options for your shipping needs. Our team would love to help answer any remaining questions you might have, and look forward to serving you in whatever way we can.

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