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Expedited Freight: Getting the Best Service

Expedited Freight: Getting the Best Service

Not all Expedited Freight providers are the same. You may have learned this in your years of experience, or maybe you have yet to find one. It can be difficult in all the hustle to find a good expedited freight provider.

Part of getting the best from your expediter is what you professorially give out as a company. There is an old adage that says “You only get out of life, what you put in”. This powerful message can be carried over to many other ideas and can be easily interpreted here as well. Here are some practices to “put in” to help you “get out” of it great service.

Keep everybody Informed about the Expedited Freight shipment

Keep everybody Informed about their expedited freight shipmentPart of getting the best service possible is making sure your expedited freight provider has all the information needed. It can be easy to overlook information that may not seem relevant, but indeed, is to the one delivering your goods. You may be shipping gift sets of pajamas, for example, packaged beautifully, and ready to go when the driver arrives but forgot to mention there is also included a little box of chocolate in each order. This may change the whole approach your provider will take, as their goal is to get your entire cargo delivered not only on time but also in great condition. I’m sure you might be able to imagine, pajamas would be pretty straight forward and wouldn’t require tons of extra attention. However, chocolate would need to stay at a reasonable temperature to keep from melting. If your expedited freight driver or provider was under the assumption they were only shipping pajamas, as opposed to pajamas and chocolate gift sets, extra precautions might not be made. Potentially, leading to a chocolate fiasco.

Be Specific About Details

Along with keeping your expedited freight provider informed, giving details on your expectations is a great idea. There is a great chance that if your cargo is urgent, it will be treated as such...especially when you have taken the time to fill in that detail to your provider. Of course, if your provider knows you are shipping life-saving material and they need to get there fast, they will work extra hard to get it there, on time.

Don’t Assume Anything

Don’t Assume Anything in expedited freightIt’s usually never a good idea to assume your expedited freight provider knows everything there is to know about your product. Yes, they are professionals, however, your provider can’t know everything. Many expedited freight providers are great at what they do, but it should never be assumed they know it all. Ask questions and fill them in on helpful pointers about your product. After all, it is your product, and you know it best. When you combine your knowledge, and your providers' skill and experience, you will make a great team, with a final delivered product to brag about.

All of these practices add up to a great communicated team, who will make each other look great. The more accurate and helpful information given to your provider, the better service they will be able to provide in return. Here at American Manufacturing Solutions we offer only the best and look forward to serving you however we are able.

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