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Expedited Freight - Keep it in Check

Expedited Freight - Keep it in Check

Shipping by way of expedited freight is a must sometimes. But, keeping your costs as low as possible is essential to your bottom line. It is a must to plan ahead, stay informed, and anticipate your clients' needs.


Expedited freight is a helpful tool when an emergency arises, or when the freight being handled is time sensitive, but knowing when or when not to expedite your cargo can play a huge role in your costs and savings. There are some ways to save when it comes to expedited freight, but avoiding expediting when you can is the biggest saver.

Here are a few simple pointers to help keep your expedited freight needs in check.

Plan, Plan, Plan

Planning ahead with expedited freightPlan ahead so you don’t have to depend on expedited freight in order for your clients to receive their goods on time. Keeping track of what needs to go where, and when it needs to get there will keep you from the extra costs that come along with expediting. Sometimes, splitting a load, making it a parcel, instead of hanging on to a whole shipment can free up space, but also help you avoid last-minute shipments. Stay on top of orders. Don’t wait until you are behind, or in over your head, with no time to manage all the orders. It may seem simple enough, but as you grow, know your limits and when to outsource to avoid these types of unnecessary overages.

Management Team

Who is in charge of order fulfillment? Are they qualified, trained and skilled enough to handle that responsibility? Invest in your team. Spend the needed time and invest in training to make sure your team is equipped with the tools for success. The team you hire will be the ones who determine the rate at which orders are filled, and carried out. If your team is not well versed in logistics, and when and when not to use expedited freight, you both lose. In the long run, investing in a skilled and experienced team to carry out your vision will keep your logistics strong and fluid.

Expedited Freight - Keeping Track

Keeping track of the job at handKeeping track of your clients orders, and anticipating their needs can keep you out front in the race. When you have a loyal client, who is consistent in their orders, keep note of that, in order to prepare for that soon coming order placement. This will make the fulfillment process much smoother, saving time, and possibly save you an expedited freight shipment. This is also a great time to offer a subscription plan for this client, giving both parties extra savings and time to focus on other important business matters.

It is great to know expedited freight is an option in a pinch, but simple planning and great management go a long way, too. Here at American Manufacturing Solutions, we strive to offer only the very best in logistics all around. Whether you need expedited freight or any other, we have you covered and are happy to serve you any way we can.

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