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Expedited Freight and Logistics hand in hand

Expedited Freight and Logistics hand in hand

In a pinch for time, there is only one way to get your goods to where you need them to be, FAST! That's of course to use expedited freight.

"I needed it there yesterday"..."Time is money"… "I need it there ASAP. Does this sound familiar? However, logistics will be found to play a huge role when you consider time-sensitive freight and the management of it. American Manufacturing Solutions can help to improve the stress of time-sensitive packages, and expedited freight can prove a helpful tool when time is of the essence.

Imagine expedited freight with meImagine this with me… You're the factory producing parts for the newest car model, of course, you have assembly lines going around the clock. One of your machines breaks down, and all you need is a special order ball bearing. You can only get it from one place. So, you call, make your order, just to find out they can get it to you in 2 weeks. It's hard to imagine but think of all the repercussions this factory will face. At any given time, a factory has hundreds of workers in a line, all with a job to be done. Now, if one of those workers cannot perform their duty, it's completely possible it will hold up the entire line. For two full weeks...this would be a complete disaster. Think of all the time and money lost in that waiting period. It has the potential to negatively affect hundreds of people.

Now, imagine the same scenario, but with expedited freight at their fingertips. With proper logistics and organizing, expedited freight can be a life-saver. This sort of thing happens constantly, but thankfully, in today’s world, we can rely on the experts that deal in expedited freight. They use logistics to plan their route to the tee, making no unnecessary stops along the way. With years of experience in this very thing, they get the job done right, and they do it fast.

There are a few industries that rely on expedited freight as a logistic solution on a regular basis. You can imagine the medical field as one of them. The medical industry, and even the pharmaceutical industry, both depend on their equipment and medications to be where they need them to be on time. As you can imagine, lives may depend on it. E-commerce may not be an emergency but definitely depend on fast reliable shipping. In reality, the difference between a sale might just be the availability of fast delivery time.

Seasonal items would also fall into this category, getting your items on time would be imperative. Can you imagine as a retailer, getting your Christmas items on New Years? Of course, proper logistics can prove helpful in this area as well. Planning ahead can save you the added costs of last minute orders. And, of course, the manufacturing industry also relies on expedited freight as well. These industries may be the ones that come to mind, but any business may find they are in need of fast freight delivery.

American Manufacturing Solutions expedited freightAmerican Manufacturing Solutions can save you some of the trouble and added expenses of expediting your cargo, but when it can’t be helped, expedited freight is just what you need!

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