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Expedited Freight - Selecting a Provider

Expedited Freight - Selecting a Provider

Selecting a reliable expedited freight provider is a must in today’s market. Expedited freight is a vital part of most businesses today. Some companies rely on expedited to meet last-minute shipment demands, and others maybe just for seasonal demands, but all can agree it is a necessity at one time or another.


When it comes to expediting, cost most often falls second in line due to the time-sensitive nature of their shipments. It’s easy to get focused in on the speed of delivery, however, there are some other key points to consider when choosing an expedited freight provider.

Find someone you can Trust

Find an expedited freight logistics partner you can trustIt might sound like a given to say find a trustworthy provider, but it should be at the top of the list. Yes, everyone wants their product to arrive on time, but knowing it is in the hands of a trusted provider will bring much peace of mind to the shipper. Part of that peace of mind will also come from knowing that clear communication is open and available at all times, nd that all expectations were discussed prior to a shipment agreement. A great expedited freight provider will have great references, and past clients will recommend them for the job with much confidence.

What does your Expedited Freight provider offer?

What kind of expedited freight do you have? Some businesses’ freight requires expediting because it is perishable food items and others may just need their items to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible. Some, may even be more urgent, such as emergency medical equipment. Not every businesses freight needs are the same, and not every expedited freight load looks the same. Be sure to be up front about what you will be shipping, and how you hope to have it shipped. This is a great time to discuss whether or not it is urgent, or if it is an emergency also. The ideal expedited freight provider will be willing to work with you, and answer any and all questions you have.

Location of your Expedited Freight provider

Expedited freight location servicesChoose a relevant location to have your items shipped from. Paying close attention to where your driver is coming from and going to, can save you valuable time and resources. Choosing a driver who has to travel farther to pick up your shipment will not only cost you more, but also take longer to ship.

Premium Service

Expedited Freight shipping is a premium service. With that, you will pay premium prices, but be sure that that’s exactly what you get. When you are choosing your provider, be sure they will offer you all the premiums that come along with expedited freight. The promise of fast delivery of course, but also tractability, and quality reliable service should be included as well.

Premium is what you can expect when you choose American Manufacturing Solutions. We work hard to offer you only the very best in logistics as a whole. We are privileged to offer up a skilled and experienced team of drivers and logistics managers.

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