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Expedited Freight Thrives with Expedited Drivers

Expedited Freight Thrives with Expedited Drivers

The purpose of expedited freight is to transport goods in a timely manner within a specific and short timeframe. Delays in delivery can spell disaster for the business that has ordered the shipment. Assembly lines can be shut down when parts are not delivered on time. There can be fatal consequences when emergency medical supplies do not arrive in time.

When contracting for an expedited freight shipment, an often overlooked aspect of the carrier is the quality of its drivers. There are some specific qualities which expedite drivers need to possess as well as special concerns regarding their relationship with their employer.

Characteristics of an Expedited Freight Driver

Characteristics of an Expedited Freight DriverThe nature of expedited trucking involves rapid responses to shipping requests and potentially long hours on the road to complete the job. Drivers must be willing to spend significant time away from home. They must also be ready to accept a job and leave with limited preparation time. Essentially, as an expedited carrier, you want a stable of high-quality drivers that you can call on a moment’s notice.

For these reasons, you will often find couples working as a team of drivers in order to increase the distance they can travel without being forced to take a mandatory rest break. This may influence how a carrier chooses to engage drivers and may lead to different perks or benefits offered to driver teams.

Once you find the right drivers, you don’t want to lose them to another carrier. Engaging with your drivers in creative ways can help alleviate some of their concerns and result in a strong relationship that ensures their availability when called upon. Any issue that causes your drivers anxiety over their position and prospects needs to be dealt with to prevent them from leaving for greener pastures.

Being ready to take a job on short notice also can result in multiple days without work due to the irregularities in the expedited shipping industry. This is not an optimal situation for a driver faces with bills like mortgage payments. Carriers need to be open about addressing their concerns by at least offering a sympathetic ear. If the company is experiencing a slight downturn in business, staying in contact with your drivers and reassuring them that the tide will soon turn may be all that’s needed to keep them moving shipments for you.

Expedited Freight Drivers Shine in Bad Weather

Expedited Freight Drivers Shine in Bad WeatherYou can be sure that any quality expedited freight carrier will not have inexperienced drivers carrying their shipments. They hire experienced, professional drivers who bring more than the ability to drive a truck to the table. This quality can be especially helpful when dealing with time-sensitive deliveries that need to be completed in bad weather.

The experience of a highly skilled expedited driver can be instrumental in dealing with winter conditions. They are liable to possess driving expertise that helps them successfully navigate icy roads and high winds. Experienced drivers will also know alternate routes that may present less hazardous travel or be required to be used due to road closures.

There are several components that make up a good expedited freight experience. Don’t minimize the importance of the driver to get your delivery completed in a safe and timely fashion. American Manufacturing Solutions understands the critical nature of hiring quality drivers and strives to provide highly-skilled operators. We will address your expedited freight needs to provide the on-time delivery of your precious cargo.

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