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Expedited Freight - What You Need to Know

Expedited Freight - What You Need to Know

One of the most unusual but fascinating elements about modern life is the ability to have whatever we want in only a few days. This phenomenon is accomplished by dedicated businesses that facilitate the manufacture, transportation, and delivery of products. This rapid movement of goods, often in a few days or even overnight, is called expedited freight.

Expedited Freight

What You Need to Know about Expedited FreightThe entire purpose of expedited freight is getting goods where they need to be with almost no stops and as few resources as possible wasted. This means the companies in charge of transportation are willing to hire drivers to carry cargo overnight, and the products are not left in warehouses or yards. Instead, they are brought directly to the hub where they need to be for central delivery.

Who Can Use These Services

Many people think that only large companies and big businesses can utilize expedited freight, but anyone can if they are willing to pay the money. Anyone who needs an urgent delivery can request expedited shipping, and the objects in question can be large or small. For example, someone could overnight ship entire sections of an airplane, or they might just want a letter to get somewhere by tomorrow.

There are numerous practical reasons to use this service. Hospitals actually utilize expedited freight often to transport medicine, organs, and equipment between centers to treat patients as soon as possible. Huskies and sled dogs no longer need to get vaccines to rural towns, since a truck can now do the same.

Logistics and Distance

What You Need to Know about Expedited FreightIf you are a business focused on logistics, then you might be wondering how expedited freight can affect your bottom line. If you use the service to its full potential, then you can actually improve your reputation and increase profits by making your goods more accessible to your customers. If you calculate the cost of the shipping in addition to manufacturing and the potential profits you receive, you can find the sweet spot you need to make maximum profit.

If you are struggling to determine whether or not expedited freight is a good decision and fits with your budget, consider speaking to a third-party logistics provider. They can help you calculate your costs and expenses and figure out whether relying on expedited shipping will actually benefit you and the company.

Finally, there is no set distance for expedited shipping. Most companies are willing to travel across countries and oceans for the right price, but it is a cost you will be paying.

It’s Your Choice

Options like expedited shipping mean your business has some significant choices to make. You can pay extra for faster delivery, or you can save money by utilizing hubs like our warehouses at American Manufacturing Solutions. Both have their benefits, so some careful calculation is necessary when planning the future of your company. However, hubs like American Manufacturing Solutions are often the best choice for smaller businesses and those wishing to save money, contact us today to have us manage your entire logistics chain from start to finish, and leave the heavy lifting to us!

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