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Facing Your Storage Needs

Facing Your Storage Needs

As your business grows, you want to make certain that you have proper storage in place to cover the needs of your business as you expand! Some business owners take their storage space for granted until it’s too late, thinking that it is an issue they can deal with as time progresses.

Having the proper storage in place from the get-go, or taking time to evaluate your storage area on a timely basis makes better business sense. This will save you time and money in the long run. So, let’s take a look at what your storage needs actually are, and what you might need in the future!

Different Phases to Consider with Your Storage Needs

Different Phases to Consider with Your Storage NeedsSome business prefer to have a distribution center, which is simply a large building designed for distribution of your products. These items will be shipped to either another location or directly to the customer. This depends upon the system you have in place or need for your products.

This process acts as a “middle man” between the customer and the retailer. You, as the retailer, would use the distribution center for your storage of products and then, the shipping could be handled directly from the center.

If you have products that need special handling or have parts that need assembly before shipping, you might need to consider a processing distribution center. These centers will handle those items for you, and while your distribution center will normally package and label products for you, the processing center would be able to manage your specialty products also!

Other Solutions for Your ConsiderationDifferent Phases to Consider with Your Storage Needs

While you are considering all this information in your decision, there are a couple of other options to think about. A transfer center might also assist you with your shipping, however, they are not equipped for storage of products. This type of center will handle the sorting of products, and shipping arrangements, but they must receive your shipping instructions when the products are delivered to them.

Your last consideration would be a fulfillment center. These centers have risen in popularity due to e-commerce. These fulfillment centers are able to assist you with logistics as well as storage of your products. Since their primary function is to manage, pack and ship orders, you might be interested to know they will also provide inventory control. This type of system would benefit your business while assisting you to treat your customers with the integrity they deserve!

Let’s Talk About the Solutions that Would Benefit Your Company

American Manufacturing Solutions has the solutions that you need to increase your business while handling your inventory and shipping needs! Our experts will guide you through the issues you might be facing and bring solutions to the table that will give you the best service for your budget!

Contact us today! Our technicians are ready to get you started on the proper solution for your storage needs. We want you to know that you can have confidence in the system you choose for your growing business. We want your business to succeed and increase making our goal to provide you with the proper storage solution for your company!

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