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FTL Freight - Ensure Your Cargo is Treated Right

FTL Freight - Ensure Your Cargo is Treated Right

FTL freight options allow logistics companies to devote a significant amount of time and attention to one specific shipment. For businesses that are able to charter shipments like this, the FTL freight practice allows them to deliver peace of mind and efficiency to their customers.

In an FTL freight or “Full TruckLoad” shipment, a single firm purchases all the space in a single trailer, or all the space in multiple trailers. Either way, doing so makes it so the business does not have to share their cargo space with anyone else’s shipment. For the driver of that truck, their only priority will be getting that shipment to its destination.

Fast travel: FTL freight makes the difference

Fast travel: FTL freight makes the differenceWhen it comes to cargo who’s delivery is very time-sensitive, there’s a huge difference between using FTL freight and some other option. If you don’t go with FTL, your load will be mixed in with several others in the trailer. This adds significant time to the overall trip, not just on the road but in processing time as well.

When a logistics partnerships using LTL (Less than a TruckLoad) freight, they usually do so by mapping out a route using several different trucks to get a specific piece of cargo where it’s going. That means that part of the time for that delivery will be spent with the cargo sitting in a warehouse, waiting to be moved from one truck to another, not to mention the sheer amount of time needed just for repeated loading and unloading.

This system might work well for some deliveries, but if customers are waiting for your cargo to be delivered, every single second matters. The best way to ensure your items are delivered straight to their destination is to purchase whole trailers when setting up your shipment. That way the only cargo that truck moves will be your own, and it’ll be sent straight to its endpoint.

Handle with care: Special instructions for FTL freight

While some items might do just fine without any special treatment from logistics professionals, others must be handled delicately to ensure they arrive safely at the destination. When you share trailer space with other shipping customers, your cargo gets mixed in with items you won’t know about in advance. For delicate instruments that must be handled carefully, FTL freight offers an ideal solution.

Keeping control over the entire space in a trailer means a business can be much more prescriptive about how they want their items shipped. They can ask for special packing instructions and even exercise control over loading and unloading. The FTL option means everything your business ships will be handled exactly as they want from pickup to drop off.

Consider FTL for your next shipment

Consider FTL freight for your next shipmentWhen you have items that need to be moved quickly and with great care, you'll want to find a good FTL freight partner to get you there. American Manufacturing Solutions has all the resources needed to not only tell you whether FTL freight is right for you but to walk you all the way through the process of making your first order. Work with us to make your logistics work great!

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