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FTL Freight: What Equipment Options Are Available?

FTL Freight: What Equipment Options Are Available?

No two company's FTL freight shipping requirements will ever be the same. Some will have items that need to be refrigerated, some will have large or bulky items, and some will have freight that fits neatly into standardized shipping boxes.

If you wish to ensure that your FTL freight remains safe and secure at all times, you will need to choose the right equipment for your job. With this in mind, let's take a look at some of the most common equipment options you will have to choose from:

Dry Van Shipping for FTL Freight

Dry Van Shipping for FTL FreightDry van shipping is without a doubt the most common way to move FTL freight from one place to another. It offers an enclosed space that is best used to haul standard packaged freight that is not overly sensitive to changes in temperature. Apparel, homewares, and auto parts are among the more common items shipped in this equipment.

Of course, when considering if dry van shipping is the right option for your FTL freight, you must give some thought to the weight of your shipment. A fairly standard 53-foot trailer is capable of hauling approximately 44,000 lbs of cargo. For reference, that is about 26 standard sized pallets.

Flatbed Shipping for FTL Freight

If your FTL freight is large, heavy, or uniquely shaped, it may not fit inside of a standard dry van. In this case, your best bet is probably going to be a flatbed. Items such as farm equipment and construction materials are some of the most commonly-hauled flatbed freight.

Though the flatbed's versatility makes it an easy choice for most oversized jobs, you will still need to decide what kind of flatbed trailer you want to use. Single-drop, double-drop, and stretch trailers tend to be the most commonly used. Your shipping consultant will be able to help you figure out which one is right for you.

Refrigerated Shipping for FTL Freight

Refrigerated Shipping for FTL FreightFor loads that need to be kept at one specific temperature while they are on the road, refrigerated shipping is the perfect option. These trailers (sometimes called "reefers") can keep your FTL freight at a temperature of your choosing - no matter what the weather may look like outside. Refrigerated shipping is often used to move food, medicine, plants, and other perishables.

One thing that is worth noting about refrigerated trailers is that they don't just keep freight cold. They can also be used to keep your items at a comfortable temperature if you are shipping it through an area where the low temperatures outside may cause damage to your freight. Generally speaking, a reefer can maintain any temperature from -20 degrees to 70 degrees.

If you still aren't totally sure which equipment option is right for you, the American Manufacturing Solutions team can help. Simply get in touch and let us know exactly what you want to move. Our experienced staff members will then get to work on figuring out what equipment you should use to haul your FTL freight safely, quickly, and affordably.

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