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FTL Freight for fast and efficient trucking

FTL Freight for fast and efficient trucking

When it comes to planning the logistics of your freighting business, it’s good to know what options you have for transporting your cargo. Knowing the different kinds of shipments you can send off can help you decide what is best for your drivers and what your costs will be. Keeping track of these aspects of your freighting needs are all parts of the logistics management of a successful shipment. Knowing what FTL or full truckload freight is and when it’s best to choose this option for transporting your shipments can help you plan out the logistic aspect for your transportations. Here we will dive deeper into what an FTL freight shipment is and when you should choose this option to ensure the best logistical planning.

 What is FTL Freight about?

 What is FTL Freight about?What FTL Freight means, ultimately, is that you are going to send one shipment and the truck carrying that shipment will have no other shipments aboard its flatbed. The FTL freight option is usually dedicated to shipments that are larger and hold at least ten palettes in one order. FTL freight is the way that you want to go when your cargo exceeds ten palettes for the sake of saving time, resources, and money.

When is it best to use FTL Freight?

When is it best to use FTL Freight?FTL freight shipping is usually only used for large shipments, but there are certain times when using the FTL freight shipping method can be ideal for a smaller shipment. This option would be left open to your discretion, but this method is ideal for smaller shipments when these shipments are precious cargo or need to be separately transported due to the fragility of the cargo or its high-risk content.

For items that need to be transported and are high-risk, the FTL freight system will ensure that once the item is loaded on to the truck’s flatbed, there will be no chance that it will be removed from the truck until it has arrived at its final destination. This will minimize the risk of the potential damage that can be done to the cargo and will enable you to guarantee that the cargo will be loaded securely and won’t have to be reloaded.

The FTL freight shipment option also minimizes costs based on the single driver, single truck, and single cargo load. With the proper logistical planning, the shipment will take a direct route to its final destination and there will be no additional drop-offs or pickups along the way. This will lower the cost for the process of your shipping and make it so your overall planning is simple and efficient.
If your shipment is particularly fragile, needs to reach its destination as quickly as possible, takes up substantial space, needs to be transported under low-cost conditions, or is high-risk in any way, FTL freight transportation is your best option for shipping your cargo.

Choosing FTL freight transportation for a shipment that meets this criteria can be the most cost-effective option compared to other shipping methods. It’s important to remember that shipping items in any way has its risks, but this method is will most likely result in the safe transportation and arrival of your cargo due to progressive logistical planning.

Here at American Manufacturing Solutions, we can help you set yourself up for success with FTL Freight. Our team can help you find the best options for your shipping and storage needs, simply call us today to get started!

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