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How a 3pl LTL Freight Service Helps Smaller Businesses Grow

How a 3pl LTL Freight Service Helps Smaller Businesses Grow

So, you’ve got your product manufactured, packaged, and ready to be shipped. What now? Sure, you could haul it in your personal car or truck, but as your volume increases, you’ll end up in a strange limbo- not quite enough product to justify investing in a shipping truck, but way too much to carry in a regular car. When you get to this point, a 3pl solution may be able to help.


What Is 3pl LTL Shipping?

loader using hand pallet truck in a warehouse PMBZKEHFor a much longer rundown on LTL shipping, try our article. The long and short of it is that LTL, which stands for Less Than Truckload, is a service for moving small shipments where manufacturing and moving whole truckloads doesn’t make sense cost-wise.

If you’re a growing business, you’ll likely be familiar with such a situation. Considering the fact that a 53-foot trailer can haul just over 40,000 pounds worth of goods, you may have found yourself wondering how to transport your not-too-small, not-too-large loads.

The solution, of course, is 3pl LTL shipping.

3pl services, or third-party logistics services, are a way to outsource your company’s big needs, like shipping and manufacturing, to a company with more resources on its hands.

Companies that use 3pl services skip the costs of truck and warehouse investments and grow with the aid of a more established company.

LTL shipping fits so perfectly with a 3pl logistics system because companies don’t have to invest in a whole truck for themselves. Sure, you could invest in a smaller freight truck, but as your volume grows, you might find yourself in need of more space.

By providing services to multiple companies at once, 3pl services are able to transport many LTL freight orders in one truckload, catering to many small businesses at once.

Why 3pl Instead of a Personal Investment?young warehouse workers working together PYSCATL

Instead of investing in their own materials, many growing businesses choose to use 3pl solutions that outsource their more significant needs.

This is because while smaller companies typically don’t have a lot of headway resource-wise, larger companies do and can split some of the benefits, for a cost.

In addition, the market for smaller companies is a much more volatile place than it is for larger ones. Not having an extensive, well-paid team of analysts and strategists can seriously affect how well you keep on top of trends, and you may see your business expand at unreasonable rates or contract unexpectedly.

3pl services make sure you never have to worry about an investment you can’t pay for or equipment you can no longer use. By providing you the equipment to house and ship your products, 3pl companies give you peace of mind.

American Manufacturing Solutions: An Efficient 3pl LTL

American Manufacturing Solutions has been in the business long enough to know where they can cut costs and save customers money. If you need a company to transport your smaller loads, American Manufacturing Solutions may be able to help. Contact Us Today!

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