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How to use 3pl to Scale Your Company

How to use 3pl to Scale Your Company

3pl solutions can dramatically improve your ability to scale your company. You might have heard of third-party logistics, but have no idea how it can affect your ability to scale and grow your company. If you have begun to find that order fulfillment is limiting your ability to grow your company, then 3pl is the next logical step for your needs.

3pl logistics are the perfect answer to a company that has begun to exceed its ability to be a one-stop shop for all its business functions. There are many ways to leverage 3pl to improve your customer experience and grow your company.

3pl Streamlines Processes

3pl Streamlines ProcessesWarehousing and shipping can be a huge time suck for any company, especially one that is growing. 3pl makes it possible to remove the burden of these time-intensive tasks and put them into an expert’s hands. Moving your shipping and warehousing needs into a 3pl model will save your money, time and headaches. Warehousing fees are often limited and it saves a lot of time to house your product at your third-party logistics company.

Most 3pl entities handle returns as well, which is a major portion of the time-management issues that scaling companies often face. Being able to send your inventory to a third-party who ships it all over the US and handles any returns or replacement items that need to be shipped out or put back into inventory is a huge boon for any company.

3pl Saves Money on Shipping

Shipping costs are a major part of the expense of running a company every year. For companies that send out delicate or large items, these costs can be huge. Special packaging can add costs and time to your delivery process.

Contracting with a 3pl entity will save you lots of money on shipping costs because they are able to find the best rates for their clients. This is what they do all day and they know how to do it right. You will not only save money on warehousing and packaging, you will save money on shipping too!

Make sure that you are clear about your product packaging needs and your goals for shipping times when you are researching 3pl companies. Clarity about your actual aims and needs will make choosing the right third-party logisitics company a much easier process for everyone involved and it will make it much more likely that you will get the contract you really need to scale your business.

3pl is the Only Way to Scale a Business with Ease3pl is the Only Way to Scale a Business with Ease

There really is no substitute for 3pl if you are looking to scale your company. Making sure that your shipping and delivery needs are taken care of properly and efficiently has a huge effect on customer experience and it can also allow you to use company time far more effectively.

We are experts at 3pl and we know how to take care of your unique needs. Contact us today to find out more about how to leverage third-party logistics to scale your company!

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