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LTL Freight expected to expand

LTL Freight expected to expand

With businesses growing and expanding, LTL freight should also see some big growth in 2019. Shippers should know what to expect so they can plan ahead, and prepare for the upcoming year.

We expect to see many factors impact the LTL freight marketplace as a whole. Many FTL freight carriers are operating at full capacity due to driver shortages and the rising demands. LTL freight carriers have grown as they pick up the slack, so to speak, and take on split loads that would have otherwise been a full truckload.

LTL Freight, how will it impact you?

LTL freight how will it impact your businessAs LTL freight grows in popularity, it is important that you plan for it. In the coming year, you may need to plan further ahead. Analysts have projected that shipping in all areas including train, plane, cargo ships and of course trucks, will see a notable increase. The trucking industry is expected to see this growth as the rise of e-commerce continues to grow as well. Today over 70% of goods are shipped by truck, and the numbers just keep climbing. Staying up to date with the trends will save your business immensely. Due to the flexibility LTL freight shipping offers, it is expected to continue to climb and become a leading force in the shipping world. You may find in the coming year that as demand grows higher, prices and shipping rates may climb as well.

Partnering Up

With rumors of increases in fuel costs, shipping rates estimated to increase, and a projected shortage of drivers, many industries have been working hard to form relationships with others. Partnering up on shipping costs in an LTL freight load, and bracing for the soon coming changes in shipping. Many have found these partnerships and relationships to benefit both parties. Some companies have found real savings while sharing costs and combining a freight load.

Tech Optimization

FTL freight and technology, hand in handAs growth in the industries takes place, efficiency will have to take front and center. Taking full advantage of technology to help logistics on all sides will prove to keep shipping, ordering, and warehousing in order, and save time. LTL freight is no exception to this rule, with the sharing of trailer space, it is essential to keep these shipments organized and shipped in an order that works best for all parties involved. With the rising demands, using technology to track, and calculate every step along the way, ensuring smart logistics is key.

With LTL freight as the upcoming powerhouse, it is a good idea to check into all the trends that will follow closely behind. Staying on top of capacity requirements, as the minimum weight may increase is a good idea, also. Knowing ahead of time that the demand is high, and planning for those demands will ensure your shipping needs are taken care of. You may find better rates if you establish a standing delivery schedule with your logistics provider.

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