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LTL Freight - 5 Things To Consider When Choosing

LTL Freight - 5 Things To Consider When Choosing

The term LTL Freight refers to less than truckload shipping. This is a type of ground freight that combines multiple shipments from different customers. It is a very cost-effective solution for businesses who may have a smaller budget, and when they have an average or stable command for their products.

 LTL Freight The Size Of Your Shipment

The first question you have to ask yourself when you are considering LTL Freight is how large is your shipment?

If your shipment is too small to warrant using full truckload shipping, then this is perhaps the best option for you.

LTL Freight Your Shipping Budget

5 Things To Consider When Choosing LTL FreightWhat is your budget for shipping? Because of the way that LTL Freight is set up, with multiple orders from different clients being shipped in the same truck, some of the price is offset.

You are obviously shipping lesser amounts, so that does affect the price, but LTL Freight is designed to be more cost-effective.

LTL Freight How Fast You Need It Delivered

Sometimes you are going to have to get something somewhere within a certain amount of time.
One thing that can be a slight drawback of LTL Freight is that it takes longer, so if time is not an issue, then this solution will get your items where they need to go, in great condition.
Some clients may be willing to trade off the amount of time something takes to arrive for a cheaper shipping option, and if the good doesn’t counteract that then it is great to be able to offer this service to your end-users.

LTL Freight & How Delicate Your Shipment Is

Is your shipment time-sensitive, and could it be easily damaged if it is moved around a lot because it has to be moved to give access to other pallets?
Does it need to be kept at a certain temperature?
If any of these things are concerns for you, then LTL Freight may not be the answer for you. Of course, if you are shipping with a trustworthy company they are going to take as much care as possible with your goods, but if you need a lot of control over the conditions in which you are shipping an item, FTL may be the better option.

LTL Freight Is Ideal For Small Businesses

5 Things To Consider When Choosing LTL FreightLTL Freight is a great option for small businesses who need to send freight, but don’t have a shipment that is large enough to warrant sending it by FTL Freight.

Also if you do not have any of the above considerations on your product regarding special conditions in which the items must be shipped or the time frame is more flexible, then this, combined with the cost is going to make it ideal.


There is a lot to consider when you are setting up your shipping operation, and how it affects your supply chain, and the logistics of moving your products from point A to point B.

If you have a company that handles this for you and becomes a part of your team, like American Manufacturing Solutions is set up to do, you can focus on the aspects of the business you most want to deal with. You can be confident that your supply chain is in the hands of a company with experience and expertise. Contact us today to have us handle all your logistics needs efficiently!

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