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LTL Freight versus FTL Freight - Which is Best?

LTL Freight versus FTL Freight - Which is Best?

If you have something you need to ship across town or across the country – for your business or just as an individual – you have an important choice to make. LTL or FTL – which option is better? Here we will tell you everything you need to know about comparing LTL to FTL freight, so you know which will be best for your package.

The Difference Between LTL and FTL Freight

The Difference Between LTL and FTL FreightLTL stands for Limited Truckload shipping. It means that your package will be one of several on the same truckload. LTL generally takes a little more time than FTL freight, but it is more affordable and can be a great option for smaller, individual packages that aren’t on an urgent timeline.

FTL, or Full Truckload shipping, means that you are renting out the entire truck for shipping your package. This is a faster, but more expensive, option than LTL freight. FTL can be a good choice for delicate, larger or more time-sensitive packages. There are pros and cons to using both freight services, but the best choice for you will depend on your company, timetable and logistics priorities.

LTL Freight Package Size

The size of the package you are sending should play into your decision to choose FTL or LTL freight. While the exact capacity of your LTL or FTL shipping service will depend on the company you are working with, you can expect LTL to be adequate for packages as small as 100 pounds or as heavy as 5,000 pounds.

FTL freight, on the other hand, can ship packages as large as 10,000 pounds. Because FTL uses the full truckload, the total capacity will depend on how much a single truck is able to carry.

Careful Handling in LTL Freight

Careful Handling in LTL FreightOne factor a lot of people don’t consider, when choosing between LTL and FTL shipping, is the handling of their package. One of the unfortunate realities of using LTL freight is that, as your package will not be the only one on the truck, there is no guarantee that it will be handled with care. Packages are more likely to be jostled around or handled roughly with LTL freight than they are with FTL.

LTL Freight Price

The main reason for choosing LTL shipping over FTL is price. LTL is significantly cheaper. If your company is on a budget, LTL is definitely the more reasonable freight option. It will take a little longer to get your package from one place to another, and there is less of a chance that it will be handled delicately, but it is the most affordable option out there to get your package from point A to point B.

Final Word

The best freight method depends on your company’s individual needs. As a general rule, if you are shipping something that is time sensitive, fragile or especially large, you will probably want to go with FTL freight.

For an ordinary package on a normal time schedule, though LTL is the much more affordable and practical option. Don’t pay for truck space you won’t be using – LTL freight shipping will work just fine. Contact American Manufacturing Solutions today and speak with one of our team to find out if LTL Freight is right for your business.

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