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Storage Made Simple Using American Manufacturing Solutions

Storage Made Simple Using American Manufacturing Solutions

Keeping track of inventory in storage can be a difficult task for companies handling lots of different products. It can be even more difficult when you factor in warehousing, shipment, yard management, and other aspects of the supply chain.

Luckily, managing storage does not have to be a daunting task. There are plenty of systems and services that companies should and need to take advantage of so they can manage their inventory and storage in an efficient, productive way.

Please read on to find out more about storage solutions made simple by using American Manufacturing Solutions’ services and systems!

Warehouse Storage

Utilizing warehouse storage is a very smart way that businesses can increase their storage capacity and house inventory for longer periods. However, warehouses do not come with only benefits. There are some situations and problems that many companies face when dealing with warehouse storage.

The primary issue companies face with warehouses is unorganized warehouses. Unorganized and poorly functioning warehouses can cause inventory to get lost, damaged, and can decrease productivity significantly.

A properly functioning warehouse needs to be organized with a storage system that keeps workers in the loop about where inventory is and how it is being stored. This reduces the number of mistakes made by workers and increases productivity and efficiency within the company.

American Manufacturing Solutions’ Warehouses
American Manufacturing Solutions offers a variety of services when it comes to storage. Not only do they have the storage that companies are looking for, but they often go above and beyond for their clients to ensure their satisfaction with their service. They will assemble products and store them at their multiple warehouse locations, which gives companies peace of mind that their products are in good hands.

In addition, American Manufacturing Solutions has climate-controlled warehouses to prevent any damage to inventory stored within them. They are also fire protected and offer companies access to their storage inventory 24/7/365, which allows businesses to check on their stored items or add inventory to their storage at any time.

Additional Storage Services Offered

American Manufacturing Solutions has many other storage solutions that can benefit the companies that use them. These include inventory management, inventory storage, inventory sorting, yard management, third-party logistics management, and value-added services.

Inventory Management
This service helps companies get in control of their warehouses and the inventory stored within them. Proper inventory management can help to improve the overall function of the company and streamline storage.

Inventory Sorting
This service helps companies to organize and control the inventory stored in their warehouses in an efficient and easy-to-use sorting system.

Inventory Storage
This service offers companies an extremely reliable method to store inventory safely as well as be able to locate and access their stored items easily. It also helps companies know where and how to move items around in storage to maximize space and access stored inventory.

Third-Party Logistics
Third-party logistics is a service offered by American Manufacturing Solutions to companies that are looking to outsource their logistics to a third-party company that can run and organizes logistics for them.

Yard Management
This system is a state-of-the-art method of organizing the comings and goings of products as they are stored and shipped to distribution centers. It allows companies to navigate their logistics better and smoother, promoting efficiency and productivity.

Value-Added Services
These services are additional services added to the standard warehouse services that most warehousing companies offer their clients. Companies can pick the right value-added service to help them stay on the right track and grow their business.

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