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Storage Solutions - Which one is right for you?

Storage Solutions - Which one is right for you?

When you operate a business, you need a reliable location to store your goods and materials when they are not being produced or in the hands of customers. This is where proper storage comes in. Many businesses rely on the storage and warehouse industries to provide safe, comfortable spaces for all sorts of products to be stored when they are not en route to a new location, being produced or being used by buyers.

 However, finding the right storage solution is not simple. As a company, you need to determine what kind of environment would be the most beneficial for your product, what region would be the best, and who has access to the storage area. Many companies utilize warehouses dedicated to storing product during the transportation of the product. Other businesses completely avoid doing the process of identifying the right group for storage by hiring a 3PL, or a company skilled in third party logistics.

If you need to find the right storage solution for you and your business, consider the following factors.

Storage Space

Storage SpacePerhaps the most important element is choosing a location or warehouse that has ample room for your product. You don’t want your items to be left out in the open or kept in dangerous conditions because the location has run out of space.
Depending on how much product you ship at a given time, choose a warehouse that matches your needs. If you only ship 1-2 boxes every week, then choose a small location. If you are transporting entire semis full of goods, then choose a large option. This will also prevent your product from being split between multiple locations.

Storage Environment

Just as important as space is the environment. Many warehouses do not offer climate control and other accommodations to prevent certain goods like edible products or technology from being damaged by the heat or cold. However, not every location will have these benefits.
If you make computers, try to find a location that has air conditioning and will not stack the boxes underneath heavy objects. It sounds straightforward, but it can be hard to find the right location. Likewise, if you have a product that is sensitive to the cold, try to get a heated area.

SecurityStorage Enviroment

Finally, you want to consider the security of your warehouse or alternate storage unit. Security is a major issue when shipping goods. Sometimes a low-quality warehouse will have nothing more than a basic chain-link fence. This makes it easy for thieves to sneak in and steal boxes.
If you want good security, consider investing in a storage space with guards, and electric security system, gates, and more. Also make sure the area knows who is allowed to access your product, and who does not have clearance.

Finding the right storage solution for your business becomes much simpler once you know what you want. It’s important to always choose a good location with reliable security, such as American Manufacturing Solutions. If you are in need of warehousing or any other storage, please contact us today!

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