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Value Added Services – How Will They Help My Company?

Value Added Services – How Will They Help My Company?

When your client clicks the order button on your website, this produces a series of events before your customer receives their product(s). Let’s take a look at this process and what it might mean to the success of your company in delivering the products that are ordered by your clients and how Value Added Services can help you.

Value Added Services – Ordering and Shipping – What You Need to Know

Value Added Services – Ordering and Shipping – What You Need to KnowYour clients expect these value added services when they prepare their order. Their order is processed immediately and their order is sent to the originating business. This is considered the initial order, this is where the value added services begin to work for “you”!

First the payment must be confirmed, then notification is received by your client to let them know their product(s) are being processed. Now, begins the use of a third-party-logistics company (or 3pl), they provide the value added services needed to complete this order.

Most of the 3pl companies manage their own warehouses, which store and provide the products that have been ordered. These companies also manage the packaging and shipping of these products for you.

Now that the 3pl company has been notified of this order, they will begin the process for shipping. Also realize that this same company not only handles the packaging and shipping, but the transportation needs involved. These value added services can be the most cost effective use of your budget to provide the best quality service to your clients.

American Manufacturing Solutions has the expertise to give you these special value added services to make your business successful! We have many options or services available to give you the quality you need in product delivery, while giving you cost-effective plans to make the most of your budget!

How Do I Provide Value Added Services for My Clients?How Do I Provide Value Added Services for My Clients?

Your client satisfaction is the what you are looking for in any new services that you will provide. These value added services will give your company the edge it needs to provide quick and efficient service to your client base. We have services that will assist any size business, no matter what products will be handled, or storage needs for your inventory, and/or whatever delivery process you prefer – American Manufacturing Solutions has the answer to all your questions and more!

So, now that you have an understanding of value added services, and how these services assist you with your products and processing, we are here to give you the quality service that you have come to know and respect for the handling of your business. Contact us today, whether you still have more questions that we can assist you with, or you are prepared to select the value added services that will best serve your company.

Our expert and dedicated technicians are prepared to give you the answers you need, and assist you to provide the best program for your business needs. Let us provide a solution for your company, and allow us to show you how to expand your client base while providing the best quality service! Contact us Today!

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