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Value Added Services - Partnering With A 3PL

Value Added Services - Partnering With A 3PL

While third-party logistics services, also known as 3PLs, have been providing businesses with transportation, warehousing, and logistics for years, not everyone is aware of the value added services that they provide.

 Today’s 3PLs can work as strategic partners to give your business more time to focus on its core competencies while focusing less on the things it doesn’t need to be good at. These services can include packaging, assembly, and more.

If you think your company can benefit from a 3PL that offers more than simply transportation, warehousing, and logistics, keep on reading. We’ll tell you what you need to know.

Value Added Services Give You More Flexibility

Value Added Services Give You More FlexibilityA good 3PL has the space to provide flexibility for upcoming orders and new projects, giving you the flexibility in return to take on new projects and create new products for different markets.

A flexible 3PL already has the tools it needs to provide you with even more value. Better yet, even if it doesn’t, it is often worthwhile for them to invest in that machinery in order to provide another service to its other customers.

This saves you time and money that you don’t have to invest yourself in. But why would they do this? Simply put, this is called key account management. If your company offers a 3PL the opportunity to add to its list of offerings, and you are a good client, they consider you a key account and they will do what it takes to keep your company happy, profitable, and growing.

Value Added Services Increase Your Quality

The value-added services team in a 3PL is usually specifically trained in this regard. If they need new training, they will implement it across the team. This means that you can rest assured that the quality of your product and packaging is going to be better than what you likely would have been able to provide for yourself.

Other Value Added Services

Value Added Services can include specialized packaging for store displays, shipping containers, and cartons. They also include assembly, either by utilizing tools and machinery or even hand assembly if the product calls for it. Some 3PLs provide shrink wrapping for their clients. They may also kit or bag various products together into store-ready kits ready for purchase. A good 3PL will also box and label your products for you. And finally, a 3PL will handle the logistics, freight, and distribution of your product.

Choosing A 3PL That Has Value Added ServicesChoosing A 3PL That Has Value Added Services

A good 3PL will be a one-stop-shop for your business so that it can deal with one partner for all of the value added services that we have discussed. This will help streamline your own process as you will only have to communicate with one major partner, instead of many different small ones.

American Manufacturing Solutions: The 3PL With Value Added Services

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