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What are the Characteristics of Value Added Services?

What are the Characteristics of Value Added Services?

Many companies have found that using 3PL and all the services that come with it is one of the best decisions they have made. This allows them a way to work better with their customers, handle storing, sorting, and shipping, and provide the most efficiency without all of the cost. 3PL companies are just better at managing these and since they work with many companies at once, they have more resources than individual businesses can do on their own. One of the services to consider is a value-added service or VAS.

The Best Characteristics of Value-Added Services

taking inventory at plant warehouse QX7H2SKWhile each company is going to have their own types of services they can use to add value, there are a few similarities that will show up between all of them. Some of the characteristics to consider with these services include:

• They take the core services and add more value to them.
• They will not be part of the basic services. This is why they add value. There will be the basic services that you can give to customers and then there will be some additional features or values that you can add too.
• These services are able to stand alone when it comes to how profitable they will be.
• Depending on the types of services that you have, they could also give you some more demand for the standard services you have.
• Sometimes, these services are going to stand alone operationally.
• In other cases, they will turn into add-ons for the customer to put with the basic services.
• These value-added services can provide some operational or administrative synergy among or between the other services.
• These are not merely used to help with diversification purposes, but they are there to add on some more value.

When these are done well, these services are going to go a long way in providing some more goodwill for your company when you can offer them free of charge. They will help provide a significant increase to revenue when they are provided along with discounted products or services. Knowledge of these kinds of services, or being able to provide them to the customer will make a big difference.

What Value-Added Services Should I Consider?WarehouseAndYardLayout

Your company needs to consider the type of value-added services they would like to use. This is the top way to stay competitive. Businesses are no longer just competing against some of the companies that are in their area or state; they are potentially competing against companies all across the world. With value-added services, you will be able to distinguish yourself from the competition, increasing your sales and goodwill in the process.

Value-added services are some of the best ways to provide something that your customers want. When you can implement them the right way, you can beat out the competition in no time. When you are ready to see how these services work and you need some help implementing them effectively, contact us today to get started.

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