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What Is 3pl, and How Can It Help You?

What Is 3pl, and How Can It Help You?

Whenever your business starts to grow, then you can might need to use 3pl (Third Party Logistics) to handle customer orders that are too big to be done in-house. However, there’s a lot of information about third-party logistics that can be overwhelming to new users. There’s also a lot of different types of third-party logistics in the world and choosing one can be difficult.


So this article is going to walk through 3pl, and how it can help your business as it grows.

How 3pl Can Help You

How 3pl Can Help YouThird-Party logistics basically outsource your inventory management, warehouse, and logistics to a third party. Then your company will be able to focus more on creating products and running your business.

You might need third-party logistics if your company has grown a bit out of control and you have more inventory than you can handle. Then you can offload some of the inventory management onto a company that knows what they are doing, and then can take it back whenever your company is ready to handle the increased management.

How Does 3pl Work?

We want to make sure that you understand how 3pl works for you and your business, and it starts with communication between your business and ours. We need to have inventory on hand to handle the shipping, so we need you to tell us what products we will get and how many units we will get.

After you give us your inventory, then we will focus on placing your items into our warehouse. We’ll organize your items and make sure that we have enough storage space to manage the items you send us.

Once an order is placed with one of your customers, then we go into it. Our team fulfills the order and takes the items from the facility. Then we package them securely and ship the items out to the customer.

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Another way we help your business is to focus on syncing inventory with your computers. That way, you can see everything in each of the third party centers, and you will have full visibility over the entire process.

All 3pl services know that outsourcing your goods can be a bit nerve-wracking, especially for a small business. But having inventory synced can give everyone eyes on the entire process, and will give some peace of mind for you.

With the inventory side of things handled, then your company can focus on actually creating products and marketing yourself to your customers. If you are looking for the best 3pl service, then you can take a look at American Manufacturing Solutions.

Our company is designed to handle everything for you. Our warehouses are prepared and able to handle the packing, shipping, and handling of your products. If you find yourself needing more help and having more products than you can handle, then our team can provide that information and help you expand your company without too much trouble. Contact Us Today!

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