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What is LTL Freight and Should I Use It

What is LTL Freight and Should I Use It

LTL stands for less than truckload. It seems complicated but it just means you are transporting freight that is very small. It’s the opposite of FTL freight or full truckload shipping. If you are thinking about using LTL shipping for your business, it should be your top choice if you do not require a full-time trailer and if your freight is under 15,000.

LTL shipping can help you cut down on costs and be a better option for your business if you are only shipping small items.

How Exactly Does LTL Shipping Work?

LTL freight shipping is not the same as parcel shipping although many people think they are the same. LTL usually requires you to be shipping something over 150 pounds which is much heavier than what a package or parcel weighs in most instances.

Parcel shipping is also better if you are not shipping high volumes. LTL is better if your weight is high but not high enough to be FTL and if you are shipping packages with a high volume.

What are the Main Benefits of LTL Freight Shipping?

There are many benefits that you should keep in mind when it comes to LTL freight shipping. If you have decided that LTL freight shipping is right for you and is better than parcel delivery or FTL shipping, here are some benefits you can keep in mind:

  • Improved shipping rates. People will often avoid using a company or carrier that has expensive or slow shipping. With LTL shipping, you will be able to get better shipping quotes and then be able to charge your customers less as well.
  • Only pay for the cargo space you are using. You can always combine your shipment with other deliveries or only rent out a portion of a truck. This saves you money from using other types of shipping methods where you have to pay for the entire truck even if you are only using a small space of it.
  • Lower warehouse costs. You are able to send out more shipments quicker. This means you don’t have to leave products sitting in a warehouse and pay high fees to be able to use that space.
  • Professional expertise. If your company is new and you do not have your own shipping carrier, you might risk not being professional when it comes to shipping and shipping times. With LTL though, the logistics are provided for you.
  • Keep track of deliveries. This is important for you and your customers. Most people who purchase products want to know where their items are and when they can expect them. You will be able to track all your shipments in real-time.

LTL shipping has many benefits, especially for smaller businesses that are not able to afford their own shipping company. You can save money for yourself and your customers when you choose to use LTL freight shipping. It’s also much more convenient than regular parcel shipping even though you are still sending smaller volumes than with FTL.

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