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What is Yard Management?

What is Yard Management?

When you are trying to get your company’s product from point A to point B, there are a lot of logistics involved. Everything from warehouse storage to transportation has to be considered. A yard management system is what accounts for all of the activity happening in the yard before items are transported.


Why Yard Management Matters

Why Yard Management MattersA yard is just one piece of the supply chain puzzle. Items are stored in a warehouse and need to be readied for assembly. Vehicles on the road need to fulfill customer orders. Yard management is meant to deal with that all-important middle layer, directing vehicles in the yard before transportation begins.

This is a necessary step for any company fulfilling orders, but especially a larger company with complex needs. Items need to be stored there and vehicles need to be assigned to cargo.

Having a yard management system in place keeps your company from having issues later on. That equates to money saved from costly mistakes and having a more reliable brand image with your customers.

Mistakes are not the only area that could end up costing you. Are there areas where your supply chain’s efficiency could be improved? A more efficient system means you need less time, equipment, and workers to get the job done.

How a Yard Management System Can Improve Your OperationsHow a Yard Management System Can Improve Your Operations

Setting up a yard management system requires you to reevaluate the way things are currently functioning. The first place to turn your focus is any area that seems to have a lot of problems or takes a long time to process.

Not only can you fix those specific issues, but you can also avoid problems in other areas by setting up processes to navigate them. If your system of processing returns is creating problems, you can investigate what the broader issue is and how that is causing problems in other areas.

As your team sits down to analyze these issues, you can set goals for your how you want to see improvement and what your timeframe is for completing these goals.

Certain changes in how the system operates can make a huge difference. For instance, you can outfit your trailers with GPS technology to know exactly where items are along the way. The alternative, tracking trailers manually, is rife with opportunities for making major mistakes.

Creating a schedule for inbound and outbound vehicles will help you to hone your process. Without a schedule, it is simple to make mistakes and lose precious time. When you develop a regimented workflow, you can use every second efficiently and streamline the work.

There are many other ways that a yard management system could be used to improve your supply chain cycle. With all the complexities of fulfilling orders, it is a necessity for your business. By just tweaking a few processes during the planning stage, you stand to save both time and money.

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