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Would 3PL Assist My Company?

Would 3PL Assist My Company?

Perhaps you are new to this term, “third-party logistics” (or 3pl, for short). If you have never heard this term before, let us explain briefly how this will assist your company.

The 3pl is an outsourcing logistics operation allowing for the distribution, storage, selection of items for shipping, packaging of those items, and stock re-order completion. These services are provided for your company to assist with your supply chain and keep all operations and distribution of materials flowing properly.

What are the Benefits of Utilizing this Logistic System?

What are the Benefits of Utilizing this Logistic System?Warehousing, completion of orders, and distribution of materials can have their own challenges. Allowing experts in this field of logistics (or 3pl’s) could increase your sales and operations, while you focus on the value you extend to your customers.

American Manufacturing Solutions can show you the cost-saving benefits of the 3pl. Take for example, warehousing. Perhaps your company is new and you do not have sufficient property for warehouse facilities. Plus the cost of valuable employee time setting up inventory processes and making sure the deliveries to your clients are cost-effective and timely.

A 3pl will already have these systems in place to give you the highest quality of services without the extra cost factor. Our 3pl’s are also equipped for international shipping and processing. This allows you to reach a far broader group of distributors, and give you global market access.

We want you to succeed! That is why we offer these services to allow you to focus your time and attention on growing your business and relationships, while managing your supply chain through the use of 3pl. Our experts can give you the edge you have been wanting!

3PL Can Also Add the Benefit of Home Delivery Servicefreight transportation and logistics semi truck 18 wheeler on the highway at sunset t20 VLQxAw

In these changing times, we have seen more businesses opening up delivery services for those who wish to shop on-line and have the products delivered to their home. This may not serve your clientele at this moment, but in thinking through operations for the future, this could provide a new opportunity for your business and give you logistics that have not been considered.

In using the 3pl system, you will open up your business contacts to not only local delivery and service, but also for contacts in other regions of the country. Eventually, this could also open up your operation to international trade and services.

By outsourcing your logistics service, you will bring retention of customers because of your provision of services and quality of materials. You would also benefit from surplus orders, providing you a new avenue of service.

We Have the Solution for You!

American Manufacturing Solutions will provide your business with the best solution for your shipping needs. With our many years of service and experience, we know and understand the issues that you face with shipping and storage. Do not miss this outsourcing opportunity!

Contact us today! 3PL could be the answer to your questions and we have the best logistic service available in today’s market. Talk to one of our supply chain experts today and allow us to show you the benefits 3PL can have on your growing business.

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