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Yard Management - Overcoming Challenges

Yard Management - Overcoming Challenges

Overcoming poor Yard Management must start with a simple diagnosis of your yards functions. Addressing the issue needs to start with finding it. It’s essential to have all areas of your supply chain operating at it’s best. We aim to help you find the problem areas in your yard and help you find solutions to these very problems. Yard Management is ever-changing, and staying current with these changes makes logistics flow smoother for all involved. Make sure your yard is one driver look forward to, rather than regret because it slows them down.

Common Yard Management Inefficiencies
Delays between Warehouse and Yard

Common Yard Management InefficienciesDelays at any area in the chain can cause issues, but they can be especially troublesome when the confusion comes from within your own supply chain. Many times, there is a lack of communication in this area. This lack of communication can cause anywhere from major to minor hiccups in the shipping process along the way. Make sure that all parties involved in the yard and warehouse are educated on policies, practices, and regulations. Also, be sure to keep everyone up to date on changes. This will help all teams to work together and communicate effectively. Most delays that happen within the yard are from lack of communication. Lack of sharing information can lead to confusion and frustration that could be easily avoided, with a simple change in yard management practices.

Gate Congestion

Small delays at gates here and there may not seem like a big deal, but when added together, it may mean a late delivery. According to reports, gate congestion begins to become a problem when a yard is working at about 80% capacity. Great yard management can help ease some of this congestion with proper planning in the arrival and departure of their fleet. Another common issue in yard management and gate congestion comes at peak times, and seasons. This is directly linked to the inability to scale during peak times.

Lack of Visibility in Yard Management

Lack of Visibility in Yard ManagementAnother area of yard management that seems to get brushed aside is the importance of visibility. Knowing in real-time where your inventory is, and where it is going, when it will get there is so vital in today's market. With so much technology at our fingertips and so much track-ability, they want to stay in the loop all along the way. Many logistics companies have teamed up with technology, and are pairing their current method of management with a custom yard management system. These systems are the future of yard management, and allow the freedom to concentrate on streamlining the rest of your logistics.

Creating great yard management in your business’ supply chain doesn’t have to cost you tons of money, and can be quite easy with the right tools and the right team. Here at American Manufacturing Solutions, we work hard to create an organized yard experience for all who pass through. We look forward to working with you and helping your company thrive and grow, contact us today.

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