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Yard Management - Common Difficulties

Yard Management - Common Difficulties

One of the most essential components of managing a freight yard is finding a reasonable system for yard management. A major issue for businesses and companies is trying to manage the logistics of the supply train. While many blame delays on transportation and the weather, a mismanaged yard are actually behind the majority of issues since it is easy for the product to get lost, be mismanaged, or even be picked up by the wrong transporter when mislabeled.

Frequently Seen Problems in Yard Management

Frequently Seen Problems in Yard ManagementThe following issues are the most common yard management difficulties you are likely to experience when working with supply chains:

  • • Shipments being delayed between warehouses and sellers
    • Lack of trailer visibility
    • Unclear labeling and storage of shipments
    • Gate congestion from vehicles
    • Inability to monitor the safety and quality of operations
    • Truck driver detention

In short, the most frequently seen issues come down to problems in the chain of command, quality control, and just ensuring that everyone is where they need to be. Since yards are the intersections between the transporters bringing the goods and the warehouses for storage, there are many opportunities for things to go wrong. This is why it’s important to have a system.

Some Solutions for Yard Management

Some Solutions for Yard ManagementMany modern yards have started to rely on technology to keep track of freight, truckers, and other employees. A problem that many have started to notice is that almost 80% of shipment time is spent not on the road, but at distribution centers. This is because there is a sudden influx of transporters, truck drivers, warehouse employees, and other individuals who can mismanage cargo or lead to extensive congestion.

If you worry about the location of your shipments or are tired of dealing with yard mismanagement, it is time to develop a system. You can either create your own to utilize among your employees, or you can rely on a second party who implements a solution for yard management. Some of the options currently available include technology like tracking systems.

Tracking systems like the Cloud, downloadable software, and even apps now make it easier for managers to see where cargo is if it is stored properly, and where it goes after being trapped. These systems can utilize a GPS to track shipments, have transporters sign in and out to show where goods are, and completely reorganize a yard based on your own needs and desires.

Besides technology, it is also possible to utilize a second company that will manage the warehouses and inventory management. Companies like ours, American Manufacturing Solutions, uses climate-controlled warehouses available 27/7 to store and manage the goods of other companies while they work to develop client-based distribution solutions.

The right warehouse will supple multiple services, including the all-essential yard management. Afterwards, products and goods can be sorted and tracked before being loaded and transporting, helping you simplify your supply. After all, when everything is going well, you know. When everything is going poorly, you also know, and nobody wants to struggle with their business. Consider contacting American Manufacturing Solutions to simplify the process.

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