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3PL Logistics - What You Need to Know

3PL Logistics - What You Need to Know

3PL Logistics, also known as Third Party Logistics, is the process of managing inventory by moving it to and from distribution centers. Third-party logistics providers play an important role as trusted advisors - giving companies access to insight into best practices when it comes to inventory management (i.e., lean thinking). It's always a good idea to have additional supply sources.

This process can be done in-house or through a third-party logistics company. The goal is to have an efficient supply chain that minimizes costs while maximizing profits. Let's take a look at some things you need to know about 3PL logistic services

Storage space and 3PL

Storage space and 3PLThird-party logistics can help you with your warehousing needs by providing extra space for storing inventory and managing the flow of your product to distribution centers or retailers. It will also reduce costs associated with expanding your physical footprint through efficient management practices such as consolidation and collaboration.

What's more, 3PL can help with custom packaging. You always need more storage space. To add to this, third-party logistic service providers can also help you with the storage and protection of your goods.

Specialized experience and expertise 3PL

Third-party logistics is an industry that employs a unique set of skills, including supply chain management knowledge to effectively transport goods across different regions and countries. It's not easy to find these experts in this well-established field as they are rare.

Third parties have access to resources such as proprietary software, technology platforms, or global networks that allow them to offer their services at competitive rates.

Needing more suppliers and how 3PL helpsNeeding more suppliers and how 3PL helps

Third-party logistics can help by managing the flow of products from multiple origins and destinations in an efficient manner that reduces costs associated with transportation and distribution.

Additionally, this is a great opportunity for a company to develop new relationships with potential suppliers who may enhance their sourcing capabilities going forward.

3PL increase and Manpower

As companies grow, they often see an increase in demand for the services of a third-party logistics company. This is especially true as product lines mature and complexity within supply chains increases.

As demands on internal resources change, so too does procurement’s need to outsource certain activities such as warehousing or distribution operations (or both).

Just because someone else has their hands on your product doesn't mean that you lose control over its flow throughout your facility or through to other destinations like customers' warehouses.

Stock level with 3PL

Stock level is a very important aspect of your business. It's important to manage the flow of products from suppliers, through your warehouse, and into customers' hands at all times. 3PL can help big time with this.

Plus, Cloud ERP provides a real-time view of your inventory so you can see which items need reordering and when. Making sure you keep in constant communication about inventory levels with your suppliers will help you to plan and prevent costly stock-outs.


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