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Yard Management Logistics Challenges

Yard Management Logistics Challenges

Yard management can be a difficult task for many businesses. There are so many different logistics that must be managed, and if one thing goes wrong it can have an impact on the whole process. Because this topic can be complicated, we’ve put together a few challenges of YML.

Here, we will discuss some of the most common challenges that people face with yard management, including the storage of assets, location management, and equipment maintenance.

Yard Management and Asset Storage

Yard Management and Asset StorageThis is usually a challenge because there is not enough space to store all of the assets that need to be stored, and it can also lead to a lot of unnecessary costs. You always need to make sure that your assets are stored as safely as possible, and the best solution for this is to find a climate-controlled storage unit.

This step is important because it will make sure that the assets are still in good condition when they need to be used. And with 3PL, everything is going to be a little easier.

Location Management and Yard Management

You should establish a system for location management, which means you use GPS tracking software and other systems to keep track of where your equipment is at all times, all thanks to 3PL.

This type of solution can help with asset storage as well because it will ensure that everything is stored safely until it needs to be used. The wrong locations also cause delays, so this step helps avoid things like these from happening.

Yard Management with Equipment MaintenanceYard Management with Equipment Maintenance

When you have so many different pieces of equipment at different locations it can become difficult to meet maintenance requirements in terms of time and resources without 3PL. Another thing about equipment maintenance is that it is required to ensure that everything is running efficiently. This can include tasks like oil changes, tire rotations, and more.

Staff Scheduling and Yard Management

Along with these challenges are ones involving staff schedules when they need to be moved around daily for all of the equipment maintenance issues mentioned above. Sometimes people have their schedules completely thrown off by having to go from site to site each day due to this issue.

It's not only disruptive but also inconvenient because it means giving up personal time which could easily be avoided if there was better planning involved beforehand.

Yard Management - Oil Changes

The next challenge is Oil Changes. Many people don’t know how to perform them, and this leads to a lot of damage being done by the wrong person trying to do it. In addition, someone has to be around when they’re performing which means pulling workers from their main jobs for extended periods.

Tire Rotation- Yard Management

The last challenge is tire rotation which is necessary to maintain optimum performance levels on the equipment as well as ensure that tires wear evenly so that they will last longer throughout their lifespan. A good yard management system should have a way to schedule all types of maintenance tasks with ease.


Sometimes it is better to call in a professional for yard management tasks. It can be challenging and frustrating to try and do some of these things yourself, even if you are an experienced mechanic. Every business should consider using a warehouse service provider!

Why? Well, you'll save money on shipping costs and improve inventory management practices at the same time. Give us a call or visit our website American MFG Solutions if this sounds like something that would work for your company too! Contact Us Today!

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