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3PL Partnership - Making it successful

3PL Partnership - Making it successful

As your business heads down a road of steadfast growth, you may be in line to partner up with a reliable 3PL provider. Keeping a good relationship with your 3PL provider will help you both.

There are a few ways to help improve an existing 3PL relationship or to help you establish a good one from the beginning. It is vital that this partnership be healthy and work well together. When you choose to outsource part of your logistical needs, the third party, essentially is now part of your team.

Make your 3PL Partnership Expectations Clear

Make 3PL expectations clearNot only is it okay, but it is essential to make your thoughts and expectations clear. Be up front on what you are lacking, and what you are hoping your choice 3PL provider will bring to the table. Don’t hesitate to ask questions about the team that will be handling the work. You should be sure they are skilled, knowledgeable and trustworthy. At the end of the line, it is your business name that will be represented. You must be sure it will be represented in a way you would be proud of, and that will stand up to the brand you have worked hard to maintain thus far. Be sure to indicate your KPI’s (Key Point Indicators) and ask what theirs are. Giving them your standard will help them to be sure to match it. Be sure to be clear on what your definition of success is for a given customer interaction, as they may differ from the view points of others.

Get a Good Understanding

Any great partnership knows the other party well. Both parties have taken the time to get to know how the other operates, and functions. Knowing you share a common goal can be a game changer. Finding a 3PL provider that is on the same playing level is key.

Schedule Check-ins with your 3PL Provider

Schedule check-ins with your 3PL providerYes, you have come to a place where you have hired out, but that doesn’t mean you should take it for granted. Many times, there is room for improvement on one side, or the other, and in many cases both. Making the time to talk it over, and find those small bumps in the road, will save you both. Stay ahead of the problems before they become big ones.

Keep your 3PL Provider Informed

Keeping your 3PL provider informed of changes right away is a must. Never assume they have all the information. Be sure to inform them of staff changes that may affect your communication. Keeping them in the loop on new products, year-end activities, and maybe even recall information is vital. Make sure they have ample time to meet your needs.

American Manufacturing Solutions is proud to have a team of skilled and trustworthy members ready to tackle your needs. We work hard to maintain a faithful partnership that will allow your business to thrive. When we offer 3PL, it is our aim to match your level of excellence and form a relationship to lean on.

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