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FTL Freight Shipping: The Basics

FTL Freight Shipping: The Basics

You may have heard of it as a Truckload shipment which is just a different name, but the same meaning. FTL freight, or Truckload shipping, simply refers to the use of a full trailer, instead of part of one.

Today, FTL freight is overlooked by the money savings that LTL freight shipping brings. However, there are many businesses still relying on the benefits that only FTL can brag. Many still prefer the personal touch that an FTL freight shipment offers. There is a sense of pride knowing that your shipment is the top priority, and will get all of the attention.

Fill your Trailer

Fill your FTL trailerAn FTL freight load is generally used by a company who can fill a trailer to full capacity. To fully reap the benefits, and to get your money’s worth, you should fill up your trailer. When utilizing FTL, you can expect just that. The use of a full trailer. So, essentially you will pay for a full trailer, whether it is used, or not. In contrast, the LTL or parcel shipping offers discounts or lower rates for a shared trailer.

FTL Freight, what’s my Maximum?

Watch your maximum FTL weightFinding the maximum for a shipment might sound pretty simple, and it is when you consider the weight of your tractor and trailer also. An FTL freight load cannot exceed 80,000 pounds without special permits. If you have a product that is particularly dense, you will notice extra space, but you will still have to abide by the weight maximums. Most standard 53’ trailers will allow for about 42,000 to 45,000 pounds of cargo. Depending on what you are shipping, and the volume of it, you can sometimes turn pallets in order to fit a few more on. As long as you are still within weight, this will allow you to stretch that dollar a little further. It's important to note that not all pallets are 4 way, meaning they can be accessed by a forklift from all four sides. If you plan to utilize the turned skid technique, be sure your pallets are 4-way pallets. These are all things to chat with your logistics provider about when deciding how you want to ship.

When shipping FTL freight, you should always plan ahead, know what will fit on your trailer, and be ready. Most FTL freight carriers have a set time frame to allow for loading and unloading. Knowing what will be shipped, and in what quantity before your trailer arrives will be essential to a successful and a timely shipment.

Knowing the basics and the in’s and out’s of your shipment method will help you to choose wisely, but pairing with the right logistics partner is what will make your shipping experience a success for both the shipper and the receiver. From start to finish, your product should be handled by a skilled and trustworthy team. At American Manufacturing Solutions we work hard to maintain a Gold Standard of Business with all our clients.

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