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3PL: The Smart Solution to Expanding your Company's Capacity and Growth

3PL: The Smart Solution to Expanding your Company's Capacity and Growth

If you are at a point where your company is starting to expand, and you want to scale up your capacity to store more stock and get that stock more easily distributed, working with a 3PL company can really help you scale quickly, without over-reaching your budget. If you ever need to scale back, you can.  With all of the value-added services that also come with warehousing now, 3PL can be the best solution for really helping your company grow.

 What Is 3PL?

What is 3PL?3PL is short for Third-Party Logistics, and if you are using it, what it means is that some part of your business is being outsourced to another company.

In regard to warehousing, this would be the storage and warehouse management of your products. It would also include making sure that the warehouse integrates with any other contact points on your supply chain.

If you have more than one warehouse, you might use 3PL to help you with the management of the storage and assets that you have across your different sites using a warehouse management system that helps you to sort and locate where everything is.

All of these measures will help you to be more time-efficient, to get a real-time picture of how your supply chain, and especially your warehouse is performing, what stock needs to be restocked, and what stocks aren’t shifting.

With all your attention free to focus on expanding the manufacturing side of your business you can really expand.

Why 3PL?

Why 3PL?You may have hit a point in your company’s development where the growth of the company demands that you have more warehousing available than you are able to support within your own infrastructure.

In which case, using a 3PL company that specializes in warehousing, which can scale the operations you need from them as demand increases or decreases, can be an ideal solution.

There may be technical aspects of your supply chain that you are unable to currently meet. A 3PL company with a vested interest in remaining on the cutting edge of supply chain logistics can help you to handle these criteria.

Working with someone who can help you better integrate all aspects of your supply chain and make sure that everything works cohesively is very important. You want to be able to know where your products are at every point. If there are any issues, you want to be able to identify them quickly and troubleshoot them. A 3PL can help you with that.

As you can see, 3PL can function as a vital part of your plan to expand your company.

If you are thinking of working with a 3PL company, American Manufacturing Solutions has the warehouse capacity to handle all of your needs. They provide a lot of value-added services with their warehousing solutions— with their continually growing fleet of trucks and their experience with every aspect of supply chain logistics, no matter what problem you have with your business, they have a solution.  For questions regarding 3PL or other services provided my American Manufacturing Solutions, please contact us today.

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