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Inventory Control and Why You Need It - The Basics

Inventory Control and Why You Need It - The Basics

The control of your warehouse and the inventory contained in it is an essential part of your business. When it is running well you will see great results, and when it is running badly the reverse is obviously true. We look at how inventory control can be a key component in this part of your operation.

What Is Inventory Control?

What Is Inventory Control?Inventory control at its most basic and fundamental is knowing what you have in your warehouse and knowing where it is, and then being able to control its movement to where it needs to be.

It is how you organize your goods and materials in your warehouse, and how you utilize them. It is a very important part of your supply chain, and it is all about how you control those materials flowing from you to your clients, and from your suppliers to you.

Why Do I Need Inventory Control?

Why Do I Need Inventory Control?Firstly, it means that you can keep control of your inventory, and it gives you a centralized view of your stock. You are not going to need someone tearing around your warehouse with a clipboard looking for items that have gone missing, and when someone asks you if you have something you are going to be able to tell them yes or no right away.

When you have more than one location, inventory control becomes even more invaluable.

Secondly, it helps you to control your costs, because it allows you to make stock reports easily, and analysis of your inventory is much simpler. You can see what has been popular and what stocks aren’t moving, and adjust what you are doing to compensate.

Because you know where everything is, your merchandise gets found and dispatched more quickly, so you can be even more confident that you are meeting the expectations of your customers for delivery times.

You are going to be able to better plan and forecast what is going to happen with your inventory, and what the demands for certain stocks are likely to be, because you will be able to easily analyze any trends. Inventory control is also useful for identifying and debugging any problems this part of your supply chain may be undergoing.

With your inventory being managed in real-time, it is going to save you time. You aren’t going to have to perform constant manual recounts, where you might have to pull out your stocks from their slot in the warehouse.

Time-saving is something common to each of these inventory control benefits, and that means that you are going to save money, which is great.

When you are looking to handle your warehouse and make sure that the inventory within it is being recorded properly, tracked through its lifetime, and getting where it needs to go, having a way to properly manage that inventory is essential.

Working with an inventory control company like American Manufacturing Solutions, who are experts in running supply chains from end to end and who have extensive experience with inventory management, is a great way for you to scale up to meet your demand and keep your company growing. For more information regarding our inventory control services or other services from American Manufacturing Solutions, please contact us today.


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