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Basic Logistics of Freight Shipping

Basic Logistics of Freight Shipping

Basic Logistics of Freight Shipping If you own a business and you need advice and help with freight shipping, you might need some help understanding the logistics of it all. It can seem confusing if you are new to freight shipping. By becoming familiar with the basics of shipping though you can be sure you pick the right company for your business.

Getting Price Quotes

When looking for a company to help you with your freight shipping, you will always need to get price quotes before choosing who you want to work with. Getting multiple quotes can ensure you are finding the best price.

When looking for price quotes make sure to mention all the following to the company:

  • The kind of shipments you have
  • The weight class of the shipment
  • How the freight needs to be packaged
  • Your budget and how you plan to pay
  • Where the shipment is going to be picked up and dropped off ‘
  • Any special services or equipment you might need such as a lift gate

The company might also ask you some other questions to determine a price quote for you.

What are Common Shipment Types?

You always need to make sure you know the size and weight of your shipment as this will help you determine the carrier you need. Knowing the size and weight will help you see if you need LTL shipments or FTL shipments.

LTL is less than truckload and FTL is full truckload.

LTL shipments are usually:

  • Less than 4,000 pounds
  • Is shipped on a truck with other shippers
  • Has many stops and transfers
  • Usually takes longer to ship to the destination compared to FTL shipments
  • Most likely shipped on pallets or skids

FTL shipments are usually:

  • Freight will usually take up an entire trailer
  • Truck does not stop for transfers
  • Less risk of damage because of fewer transfers so it’s better for fragile shipments
  • Goods are brought from origin to destination directly
Paying for Freight Shipments

How you will pay for freight shipments is often the most serious concern because you want to ensure it’s within your budget. Keep in mind that every freight company will have different contract terms and arrangements. They will be able to tell you how payments are made and when they need to be made.

Here are the most common ways to pay:

  • Your company will pay the bill after the freight is shipped
  • The receiving company will pay the bill when they receive the shipment
  • A third party will pay the bill as agreed upon if you have an arrangement like this

If the receiving company or a third party is paying for the freight shipping, you need to make sure this is in writing so that everyone understands who is in charge of paying.

By understanding how shipments work and the pricing, you will be able to get quotes from shipping companies and ask the right questions to make sure you are getting all the details you need. You will also be able to get the best prices.

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