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Everything You Need to Know About FTL Shipping

Everything You Need to Know About FTL Shipping

FTL stands for full truckload shipping. It’s usually used by companies that are transporting enough freight to load trailers that are 48 or 53 feet high. Usually, with FTL shipping, there will be one truck per company so you will need enough shipments to fill up a truck to make it cost-effective for you.

The carrier will come to the pickup point where you have your materials and then will load them and seal the freight. There will be no stops in between the pickup spot and the destination. This means your shipment times will be short and there is much less freight handling.

What are the Benefits of FTL?

If you find yourself considering FTL, you might be wondering what kind of benefits you can expect from using it. There are many to keep in mind that will help you and your company.

  • Less possibility for damage. If you are using an FTL, there will be no stops with more cargo being loaded such as in LTL shipping. This means your freight will not be moved or touched once it has been loaded. This allows for much less chance of the goods being damaged.
  • Better delivery times. Since there are no stops and no more cargo being loaded, the shipping times will be much faster. This is extremely important when it comes to customer service and business reputation.
  • Better for fragile packages. FTL is by far the best option for large items or fragile items. You will be able to ship all your items without having to worry about them being broken.
Are There Challenges When It Comes to FTL Shipping?

Yes. As with all shipping options, FTL does have some challenges and issues that you will want to keep in mind. Most challenges come with small or medium-sized businesses. This is because you might not have a full truckload but will still need FTL prices since your cargo is too large to be sent with LTL.

Small sizes businesses might also find it hard to find drivers since large corporations often book hundreds of drivers at one time and take much of the workforce.

Your costs might also change if you’re a small business because the rates can change depending on the market. This can make it very difficult to get together a budget for your company. Anytime you do not book all your truckload volumes at the same time you will be subject to changing market prices.

You will also need to pay for your products to be wrapped, loaded, and unloaded. This is costly but extremely important because you don’t want your products to be damaged or left at the warehouse when they need to be on the truck.

Ensuring you have professionals that can pack well also ensures your loading and packing times are short and save you time.

FTL is the best shipping choice if you are shipping large freight at a high volume.

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