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FTL Freight Rates - Best ways to Save

FTL Freight Rates - Best ways to Save

Though shipping rates are pretty standard, there are common practices you and your company can be doing to save on your FTL freight rates and even other shipping rates. You may already be doing some of them, and some, you may not know about yet. As shippers, we hope to help enlighten you in areas that can help save your bottom line. We know when working together when one partner saves, so does the other. Here are just a few ways to help you save and maintain great service with all future FTL freight and other shipments.

FTL Freight Rates - Communicate with your Carrier

FTL Freight Rates - Communicate with your CarrierHave you ever heard the saying “Communication is Key”? Well, it’s true. When you have open communication with your FTL freight provider, they will, in turn, have great communication with you. When there is an open line, your carrier will take notice, and will be more likely to give you good rates in the future. On the other hand, if your FTL freight provider notices you do not keep them in the loop, and it cost them more time or causes confusion during shipments, they will be far less inclined to offer discounts. You know your business, and your carrier knows theirs, so communicating about how you can make improvements together will help you come together as a team, and grow together.

Be Courteous

This is such a simple way to save...maybe you won’t find it saves you millions, but it will most definitely save you stress, and conflict. When you maintain a great relationship with your FTL freight drivers and carriers, you are more likely to find favor with them later. Try to understand and respect that their time is valuable, too. Time is money, so try your best as a company to not make them wait. If your logistics provider notices that your business is always prompt, they may be more willing to give you better rates, or even discounts.

Scheduling and Planning your FTL Freight

Scheduling and Planning your FTL FreightIf you were to give your past shipping records a glance, will you find added expenses for paying for expedited freight? We know, sometimes it can’t be helped, and the convince of overnight shipment is a lifesaver, but the added charges that come with it can be damaging to any budget. Planning ahead when possible can save your company’s bottom line. Choosing to keep your freight for a little longer and shipping FTL Freight instead of numerous parcel shipments might save you money. Some carriers even offer lower rates when you plan ahead. This allows your FTL freight carrier the ability to plan ahead also, and they may reward you for it.

These are just a few ways that a little extra effort and planning from your management can help you and your company save. Maintaining a positive relationship with the drivers and logistics specialists who handle your goods will go a long way. Remember, if you treat them well, they will most likely go above and beyond for you as well. 

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