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3PL - Beware of Poor Performance

3PL - Beware of Poor Performance

Poor 3PL performance can affect your company’s bottom line faster than you may think. Yes, mistakes happen, but choosing a second-rate third-party logistics provider will cost you and your business in the end. We hope to help you understand what to expect from your 3PL provider and help make you aware if you are receiving poor performance from your current provider.

3PL Customer Service: They represent YOU

3PL Customer Service: They represent YOUA great 3PL will recognize the fact that they represent you and your brand. Take the time to research, and ask questions. It can be difficult to let go of this aspect of your business because essentially you are losing a bit of the control of customer service. This is why it is so vital to find a quality 3PL provider. It's easy to chase after the first third-party logistics dealer to offer a good price but remember, it only saves you if you keep your current clients. If customers are lost because of poor customer service, you haven’t saved at all, but lost. You will be teammates, so find players who have great attitudes, and who love the game.

On-Time Delivery in 3PL

It's important to remember why you have decided to hire a 3PL team in the first place. If you have been falling behind in time, unable to keep up with orders in a timely fashion, then your 3PL should be aiding you in this area, not adding to the burden. Beware of a 3PL company that has overloaded themselves and can not handle your added volume in a reasonable time period. This happens more often then you may think when you consider the national shortage of qualified drivers.

Communication in 3PL

Communication in 3PLJust like it’s important to communicate with your staff, and to receive communication in return, it’s the same with your 3PL provider. You should have open and clear communication with your logistics partner. If you are to work well together and have plans come together effectively, you must be able to communicate effectively. This is especially important when you think of weather conditions, or mechanical malfunctions, or anything that may cause delay to the delivery schedule. If you don’t have this with your current 3PL dealer, you may want to find out why, and work together to correct this line of communication.

Works Towards Improvement

A great third party logistics supplier should always be working to find ways to improve their service to you and your clients. Maybe they can find ways to save space in trailers, or possibly find a way to get your goods delivered faster, or at a lower cost to you. A quality 3PL team will find areas to help you grow, because they know if you grow, they grow.

If you are looking for a quality 3PL provider to come alongside you and your team, American Manufacturing Solutions is here to fill the gap, wherever needed. We work hard to help you manage all your logistics in a way you can be proud of. Customer service is our priority at all levels and stops along the way. Contact us today.

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