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3PL - What’s driving companies to outsource?

3PL - What’s driving companies to outsource?

There are a few reasons why companies are switching their logistics to a 3PL (third-party logistics) company. For years, many companies handled all of their own logistics in house, but there are a few key factors that are driving these enterprises to choose a different approach for their logistic needs. As the times change, and the basic needs of customers evolve along with it, in order to keep up with the cost, to save time, and to guarantee great service, companies are starting to outsource to trusted 3PL companies to help keep up with demands.

3PL Costs on the rise

3PL Costs on the riseCost has played a huge role in logistics, and how companies choose to manage, ship and warehouse their goods. In order to save their bottom line, many businesses have chosen to outsource their logistics in one way or another. 3PL companies, many times use freight consolidation as a means to save money. Freight consolidation is not only a cost budget saver but can save time as well. Consolidating freight works by combining loads to one specific area of the country. 3PL companies are able to pick up loads from many different distributors, fill a truck, and save the shippers the cost of an FTL. Third-party logistics providers have trusted drivers and companies they work alongside of to ensure products are being managed properly. In choosing to outsource to a 3PL provider, you are saving time, thus saving money. Some companies have switched to a third-party logistics provider for warehousing also. Some may only need extra warehouse space at peek seasons.

3PL Flexibility

3PL FlexibilityGaining flexibility in your shipping, warehousing and logistics management is a game-changer. Your clients will notice the ability to have fast and easy shipping, and your willingness to be flexible for them will be much appreciated. 3PL’s are able to offer small fast shipments, at fair rates because they will fill the freight trailer with other shipments from other clients.

Great Service

Staying competitive without sacrificing great service can be a real challenge for small businesses that are struggling to keep up with their growing company. Hiring out to a 3PL can help to keep your customers happy, and ensure your product gets where it needs to on time, with great service along the way. When you partner up with a trusted 3PL company, you gain all the knowledge and experience of their experts.

So, whether you just need a hand to get ahead during seasonal peaks, or you want to find a 3PL provider to count on permanently, American Manufactures Solution will fill in the gap for you. We have a trusted team, a growing fleet, and warehousing to offer all our clients. We work hard to provide only the best in logistics. We understand that when we take on your load, we are part of your team. We aim to provide respectable service and make our goal to help you succeed. Contact us today to see if we can help lessen your load.


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