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FTL Freight - A Brief Guide

FTL Freight - A Brief Guide

Some people mistakenly think FTL freight means shipping that is “faster than light.” Although this isn’t technically true, engaging in FTL freight can improve your transportation times by utilizing the benefits of fewer stops and more time on the road.

FTL is shorthand for “full truckload.” When you are shipping goods that take up the entire storage space of the vehicle, then you are engaging in FTL freight. This type of freight is often utilized by larger companies that need to transport a great number of goods. Because the product is taking up the entire vehicle, it often only has one stop. When there is a single stop, the truck spends less time in a yard or distribution center, meaning more time on the road and a shorter period before you or the customer receives their goods.

Besides taking a shorter amount of time, the shipments transported by FTL freight also have a reduced risk of damage. Fewer people are handling the goods, there is little to no location transfer by hand, and the products do not sit in an unfamiliar warehouse where they can be touched or damaged by unskilled individuals or chance.

Who Can Use FTL Freight?

Who Can Use FTL Freight?FTL freight is available for almost any business depending on the size of their products and how much gets shipped at once. However, individuals need to weigh the pros and cons. Investing in FTL freight can be expensive since you are paying for the entire space of the truck and not sharing with other companies who utilized the transport business for their shipments.

But, there is once again a much smaller risk of damage, which is great for delicate goods or those that need to be somewhere in a few days. The other main benefit is that FTL freight often has fewer weight and size restrictions since you have the entire vehicle instead of negotiation for a certain amount of square footage.

If you have a long transportation period available or are shipping goods that are difficult to damage, then you might want to consider LTL freight. In this type of freight, you share truck space with other goods, which means more destinations and the potential to be stored in warehouses. This isn’t a bad option, especially if you would like to save a little extra money during the process.

Ultimately, though, FTL freight is often not affordable or practical for small businesses. Unless you are utilizing your own team of truckers, it is unlikely you will be able to ship using FTL freight. The only situation in which it is practical is when you have multiple orders that need to go to the same hub, or you ship a large product like furniture.

It’s Your Choice

A Brief Guide to FTL FreightAt the end of the day, whether or not you choose to utilize FTL freight depends on your personal needs and the types of goods you transport. Contact American Manufacturing Solutions today to have us work with you on all your logistics needs from start to finish!

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