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Conestoga Flatbed Trailers and the Open Road

Conestoga Flatbed Trailers and the Open Road

If you are in the market for freight trailers that will do the job that you need them to without worrying if your investment is what you would like it to be, you have come to the right place. There are many options for someone looking to move large weight long distances, and you may be wondering what type of trailer would be ideal for you. Here, we are going to discuss Conestoga flatbed trailers and the benefits they have in relation to your needs.

 History of Conestoga Flatbed Trailers

 History of Conestoga Flatbed TrailersThe Conestoga flatbed trailers that you see today are inspired by the Conestoga wagons used during the late eighteenth and nineteenth century. These were the wagons that were used in the United States for southward migration on the Great Wagon Road through the Great Appalachian Valley. These were large heavy covered wagons that were able to transport loads weighing up to six tons. Predating vehicles with engines, these wagons were usually drawn by up to eight horses, twelve oxen or, occasionally, mules. The Conestoga wagon has been, since its creation, an overland cargo vehicle.

Why Choose a Conestoga Flatbed Trailer

Why Choose a Conestoga Flatbed TrailerConestoga Flatbed Trailers are popular today because they are unique, specialized trailers that have a versatile use. The flatbed frame trailer on a Conestoga is designed to be loaded and unloaded with ease in numerous ways. These trailers can be easily secured across different palette loads with larger stabilizing equipment, making these flatbed trailers sturdy and reliable.

The one detail that makes the Conestoga Flatbed Trailer so unique is the roll-over tarp frame system that covers the flatbed area of your trailer. This tarp system is ideal for carrying oversized or specialized loads because it’s protective of what your flatbed holds without coming into direct contact with the cargo. This is ideal if the cargo can be easily damaged by a tarp that rubs against it or moves away from the cargo easily and exposes it to the elements.

Another benefit of roll-over tarp systems is that they can be retracted in any direction and the loads can be placed on the flatbed easily from any direction. This means you can load from the side, the middle, the end, or the front of the Conestoga flatbed trailer. The security of having an enclosed trailer will keep your mind at ease as you transport your important cargo.

Conestoga Flatbed Trailers are diverse cargo transportation tools that can assist shippers in serving a more eclectic market due to the trailer’s ability to switch up the style in which it is used. The low maintenance costs are an added bonus for these trailers as well the lower insurance premiums that are associated with these flatbeds.

The ability to access the truck bed from all sides means that you can load and unload deliveries from different places without interfering with what is already on the flatbed. If it weren’t for this specific detail it would be required that you move the remaining cargo to access the back of your flatbed. That makes the Conestoga Flatbed Trailer one of the best options available for anyone looking to diversify their shipping options.

If you’re interested in learning more about Conestoga flatbed trailers, our team at American Manufacturing Solutions can help you discover how they may be beneficial to you. Our team is ready to assist you today, just give us a call!

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