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3PL - 5 Reasons To Choose

3PL - 5 Reasons To Choose

3PL or Third Party Logistics is a great solution if you are not able, or do not want to set up your own in-house logistics. If you are looking to scale up your operation and you have a short amount of time to do it, finding someone who can do it for you allows you to concentrate on the parts of your business you are expert in.

3PL Helps Save Time And Money

3PL - 5 Reasons To Choose When you use an existing 3PL you do not have to pay for all the equipment yourself, you don’t have to train up your own staff, and as well as that money investment, you are saving time. You also do not have to have dedicated space in your factory, which may be an area you intended to expand production into.

You are walking into an established set up that will allow you to immediately start shipping.

3PL Allows You To Benefit from Established Relationships

A company that has been acting as a 3PL provider for a long time already has all of the business relationships that they need to make the whole process run very smoothly, and this means you don’t have to take the time to build those relationships yourself.

There are a lot of things to navigate when shipping and your 3PL provider will understand how to handle any obstacles. They will have in-place solutions they can put at your disposal.

Stay Flexible With 3PL

3PL - 5 Reasons To Choose As a company your capacity may vary and having a 3PL Provider allows you to scale as necessary.

Your 3PL provider is going to have the warehouse facilities to be able to meet any demands that you have, and if you need to retool part of your production line, your 3PL is going to be able to respond very quickly and provide you with new shipping solutions.

3PL Can Reduce Your Risk

With a 3PL service working with you, you are going to be dealing with experts in the field of supply chain logistics, who are going to be required to have everything up to code.

There are regular safety and standards checks carried out that have to be complied with, and with a qualified 3PL provider, that is going to be handled.

3PL Companies Update Continuously

In order to stay competitive in the shipping and freight market, any 3PL provider is going to want to stay up to date on the latest technologies in their industry. As their client, this means that you are going to reap the rewards.

As the technology in the field improves there may even be developments in supply chain technology that can impact on how you operate your business and help make it more efficient and profitable. Having a good 3PL provider that can keep you apprised of what is happening on the cutting edge is going to give you a real edge as a company.


You want to put your focus on expanding your business and developing your products and services, and having a company that can take care of third party logistics for you is essential.

You want to use a company like American Manufacturing Solutions that understands all of the possible situations you may encounter! We can provide you the solutions that you need, giving you an efficient and cost-effective supply chain! Contact us today for more information.

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