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Elastic Logistics - We'll Flex For You

Elastic Logistics - We'll Flex For You

Flexibility...your logistics should flex for you. Today’s chain supply industry can be a little unpredictable, so having a logistics carrier that will be flexible for you can be a game changer.

In contrast, businesses were traditionally relying on a more “lean” logistics approach, which focuses on little waste, increased customer satisfaction, contained cost, and constant improvement. While all of these are admirable, and really should be goals we seek after, are they what works best for today’s market? We are living in a time where the market is far less predictable, and demand is much higher. When you couple this with the speed at which customers need their product, businesses today are in a way forced to take on a more flexible logistics platform.

What are Elastic Logistics?

Elastic flexible logistics done rightElastic logistics are logistics done in a more flexible way, allowing your logistics team to provide a more custom fit for you both. A more flexible logistic plan will cater to the expansion and the shrinking of the surrounding market for a given time frame. This can allow for seasonal highs and lows, and peak times in sales. The flex brings a more cost-effective approach for the shipper, leaving more for your bottom line.

As demand continues to climb and evolve, it’s important that your logistics move alongside. There isn’t a single size option for logistics. Making smart choices when it comes to transport, will save you much headache, and keep your budget on track. Elastic logistics has a way of giving you the shipper, a bit more control because your carrier will bend and flex to work out options that will be satisfactory to your current needs. Why shouldn’t your provider work hard and be flexible to be sure you are taken care of?

Maintaining Control

Maintaining control of your logisticsGetting out ahead of the game, and planning for your peak season, can grant you better rates, and the peace of mind knowing you are already set up. If you know ahead of time, your delivery is available, it enables your business to meet your customers' needs in a more satisfactory way. Taking the proper steps to secure a carrier, even if it’s a 3PL, will ensure that you are providing a delivery standard that you can be proud of. Elastic logistics gives you that peace of mind knowing that you will be able to maintain the same level of satisfaction while ensuring you, that you will be able to get your products into your customer's hands.

When it comes to your logistic needs, your provider should flex for you. They should be able to bend and stretch to be sure you as the shipper are getting the best service possible, that your shipment is getting where it needs to be on time, every time. You should be able to rest in knowing you are being represented in a way that lines up with your brand. They should also be able to offer budget-friendly options and tailor a shipping plan that will fit your logistical needs, not theirs. We are working hard at American Manufacturing Solutions to meet all of these demands, and more.

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