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Expedited Freight - Everything you need to know

Expedited Freight - Everything you need to know

More often than not, when a business is in need of expedited freight services it’s because another issue has already lead them down the wrong path and now they’re behind schedule. Expedited freight services ensure a shipment makes it to its destination in as little time as possible, but for a cost. Since expedited freight can be costly and it’s likely that the business owner seeking expedited services is already frustrated at being behind in the first place, we want to make sure you have all the facts before you spend a lot of money on expedited freight service.

How to Use Expedited Freight

How to Use Expedited FreightThere are two main reasons we see businesses of all sizes using expedited freight. The first is when a shipment needs to get out to the customers as fast as possible. There are a lot of regional expedited freight services but long-distance freight is also available. These carriers offer the same day, next flight out, next day, hotshots and/or white glove services.

Another common use for expedited freight is when your business finds itself in need of new stock or materials. If you’ve unexpectedly run through more inventory than you planned for, you can be left scrambling to fulfill orders. Expedited freight will allow your inventory to get to you faster than usual.

Logistics of Expedited Freight

Logistics of Expedited FreightAnother great benefit of using expedited freight and a reason why it costs more is that the expedited freight carrier will also offer you tracking details so you can ensure your package gets to its final destination on time. If you’re already behind schedule, it’s likely you’ll be relieved to pass the shipping logistics off to an expedited freight service so you can get back to business.

In order to get your shipment to its location on time, most expedited freight carriers use a dedicated truck. This truck usually has two drivers that can switch shifts. In addition, in order to get to the location faster the dedicated truck will make fewer stops so the inventory is handled much less.

How often can I use Expedited Freight?

You can use expedited freight services as often as you need them, but again this is not the most cost-effective way of shipping your inventory. We recommend expedited freight in emergency situations. If your business finds itself relying on expedited freight, there may be some logistics issues that could be better handled to contribute to the smooth operation of your company.

If you are in need of expedited freight services for your inventory, let American Manufacturing Solutions handle the details. We offer our own expedited freight services that can get your inventory to its destination in a pinch. We can also help you out with your company’s logistics to find a better long term shipping solution so you don’t find yourself in a bind, missing a shipping deadline and paying higher costs. We can help you with all your shipping needs. For more information about or expedited freight services, please contact us today!

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