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Sorting Types and the different options available

Sorting Types and the different options available

In warehouses and fulfillment centers, sorting is a necessary process that leads to the smooth functioning of any company that deals with consumer goods. A well-sorted warehouse or fulfillment center is step one in the efficient management of your company. If you have a great sorting system, you’ll be able to take inventory and restock quicker and easier. Not to mention the fact that efficiently sorted inventory is much easier to locate and get to your customer. Fast shipping to customers is one of the most important aspects of running a successful business.

If you’re searching for a fulfillment center or warehouse to handle your inventory, chances are you’re starting to notice many of these places use different types of sorting methods. To help you make a more informed choice we’ve put together an overview so you can understand the benefits and drawbacks of each method and ultimately find the solution that you like best for your inventory.

Sorting Types - Cross Belt

Sorting Types - Cross BeltAlso known as a loop sorter, the cross belt sorting machine is a system of connected conveyor belts that allow a large volume of items to be sorted from either side of the belt. Crossbelt sorting is great for small-sized items like envelopes as well as items that are more fragile. Many cross belt conveyor belts are customizable depending on the sorting needs.

Sorting Types - Continuous Motion

Sorting Types - Continuous MotionJust as the name implies, the continuous motion sorting machine is designed so that you get a constant flow of inventory. The design allows irregularly shaped items to pass through without the need to reset the system, so you’ve got less downtime and faster sorting. A continuous motion method works for all sized inventory as well as irregular shapes.

Tilt Tray Sorting

Tilt tray sorters are suitable for medium to high-speed applications for small to medium-sized objects. Usually, tilt tray sortation is used to sort parts into order boxes that control automation through large volumes or waves.

Horizontal Belt Sorting

Most applications do not require high quality, saving you money on costly equipment. Horizontal belt assembly systems are designed to accommodate medium-rate deployment, usually about 60 cartons per minute and up to 300 feet per minute. A horizontal belt sorting machine works for items like totes, corrugated boxes, and trays.

Consolidated Sorting Machines

These are simply for consolidating single line items from different pick zones or full cases onto palettes and on to delivery.

Understanding the ins and outs of sorting can be a difficult task for someone coming from a business perspective. Your growing business needs to utilize sorting methods that will allow it to continue growing without overwhelming your employees and your current sorting system. At American Manufacturing Solutions, we can take care of sorting your inventory for you using our already tried and true methods. We’ve already spent years perfecting our supply chain so you don’t have to. Talk to one of our experts today so we can help you with your inventory. For more information regarding our sorting services, please contact us today!

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