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Expedited Freight - I need it there yesterday!

Expedited Freight - I need it there yesterday!

Whether you are new to logistics or an old pro, there is a common situation that you have probably already experienced: I have a freight shipping across the country or internationally, and I need it there yesterday! This post will go over some of the details of expedited freight, to help you handle that delivery that needed to get there yesterday.

So, how can you handle shipping large freight loads in a rush? The answer is expedited shipping. These days, with new truck driving regulations and laws that may slow down your freight, finding the right freight service can be tough.

What is Expedited Freight?

What is Expedited Freight?There are a lot of complicated logistics terms out there, but this one pretty much means exactly what it sounds like – expedited freight is a service that expedites, or speeds up, your delivery. Expedited freight is a service commonly offered by large shipping or 3PL companies. There are several different methods used, but the point is making a delivery by a given deadline.

Expedited freight does not necessarily refer to freight shipping by the truckload. In fact, a lot of the time – especially with an overseas delivery – expedited freight services will use commercial or chartered aircraft to complete the delivery. These options do generally cost a lot more.

When the expedited freight delivery is made using trucks, though, it is generally with FTL freight or full truckload. That means that the entire truck will be dedicated solely to your delivery, saving time and ensuring that the package will be handled gently.

How can I Use Expedited Freight?

Expedited freight services are generally coordinated through a separate 3PL or shipping company. To access an expedited freight service, you will need to start by reaching out to a 3PL company – if you do not work with one already – and ask about their expedited freight.

Generally, most companies will ask you for your deadline and delivery location, and be able to give you a price quote as quickly as possible. The best-expedited freight services out there will be able to price your delivery within about a half-hour of receiving the order. This is super important – when you are in a hurry to have something delivered, there is no need to waste time sitting around and waiting for a price quote.

How Much Does it Cost?

How Much Does it Cost?The specific costs of your expedited freight service will depend on the company you are working with, as well as your delivery location and deadline. In general, though, it will always cost more to order a rushed delivery than the standard delivery.

If you are shipping something overseas, expedited freight will be much more expensive. The fastest expedited method is to use a chartered aircraft – this is great for a larger freight, but definitely the most expensive option out there.

Again, your shipping company should be able to give you a price quote quickly. If you are in a hurry to have something delivered, reach out to an expedited shipping service as soon as possible to see what your options are.

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